Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Baby Jydan - 5 Months 4 Weeks

First of, excuse the high amount of posts over the next couple of days, if you've been reading my blog you'll read that I've been in hospital, so haven't been able to post my regular posts, so here they are all at once :)

Twenty-Five Weeks:

This week has gone so fast. Wasn't it just yesterday I was writing Jydan's 24 week post? 
Teething hasn't been bad this week, it hasn't been an issue at all. I've only had to administer panadol once. Warning, if you give your bub panadol and you use cloth nappies the urine from the panadol will stain your nappies brown. I never knew this. Hopefully the stains come out in a few washes, but be warned. But Jydan's reflux has been a pain in the bum! I thought I would test out if Jydan's reflux has improved by reducing his medicine.. well, that didn't go down well and he power chucked about 5-6 times that day, poor little guy. It's taken a couple of days for the reflux medicine to kick back in.
It's been really cold this week but Jydan's been coping really well.. well until I locked my keys inside and we had to sit in the cold rain waiting for Tim to finish work. Nasty!
We had a clinic appointment, play dates, a sleep over at my mums, Mason's second birthday and playgroup. Now school holidays have finished our bust schedule begins again. Playgroup, mums groups, and woman's group  all start back up now, and I feel like my heads going to explode. We are also going to start swimming lessons in the next couple of weeks. Fit in monthly clinic and pediatrician appointments and all the day to day things plus blogging. Uh!
Anyway, Jydan had his clinic appointment and is now weighing in at 7.02 kilos, (15.48 pounds) and is 67 centimeters long (26.4 inches). His weight is a little less then average and height is spot on average :).

Favourite Toy This Week:

Sophie the Giraffe is a favourite this week. It's a great teething toy and a must-have!

Favourite Thing To Do:

Put anything and everything in his mouth! We even have to wrestle with him to give him his medicine because HE wants to do it. He wants to have the spoon or bowl when he is eating too.

Favourite Book:

No favourites this week. We are going to the library this week to hire some more books :).

Favourite Food:

We introduced apple this week, as well as a little bit of mango, and peas and carrot. Jydan HATED the peas and carrot and refused to eat..  I had nothing else to give him that night except for a apple and a little bit of mango and he LOVED it. It meant we introduced a couple of new foods in one go, but thank goodness he didn't have a reaction of I wouldn't of known what it was!

Favourite Word:

No new words this week but lots of cute sounds and squalls :)


Jydan is becoming more and more active. When I have him on my lap he's wanting to move and climb around. He has become a little climber. So cute.
Jydan has done stomach crunches for a couple of months now and now when you're holding his hands he pulls himself into a complete sitting position from laying down. So strong and he's learning so much in just one week!
I'm not sure if I've mentioned that Jydan is starting to recognise his own name or not, but worth a mention again anyway - hehe.

Personality This Week:

Fairly placid actually, we play a lot one-on-one but when we don't he is happy to do his own thing.

Moment Of The Week:
Nawww <3

Outfit Of The Week:

Photo Of The Week:

I locked my keys inside but while we were waiting for Tim to get home we caught a super cute photo :)

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