Thursday, May 30, 2013

Baby Jydan - 6 Months 2 Weeks.

Twenty-Eight Weeks:

Almost to the big '30 weeks' wow! And it seems like over night Jydan has really turned into a bigger baby. Trying to discover and learn more. He is so active and I think that's why he is such a little boy. He never stops moving! Even if he's sitting on my lap he will wiggle, wiggle, wiggle! But I wouldn't swap his little gorgeous personality for the world though.

We were suppose to have a peads appointment to check Jydan's head growth... but it was cancelled,again! I was a bit annoyed actually, he is suppose to have monthly appointments and he's 6 & 1/2 months now and has only had ONE appointment (grr!). But the highlights of the week was playdates and lunch dates with other mums, family photos which was Jydan's first time at a park, family fun, MOPS and Jydans first time at the crèche, and my sisters birthday!
For my sisters birthday...

Favourite Toy This Week:

Jydan's play table. Oh my goodness, he loves this thing! Because he hasn't mastered sitting yet, he sits on my lap and we play together. So fun!

Favourite Thing To Do:

I mention it all the time but Jydan really, really loves bath time. His favourite thing to do is have a bath! And he has a blast in there!

Favourite Book:

Jydan is loving books with flaps at the moment because he has learnt to open the flaps! I think that's so clever.

Favourite Food:
Definitely still mango! Mr picky does love his fruit though, not so much his veggies. He has been a bit funny with his solids lately actually, I think it's his teething giving him trouble!

Favourite Word:
Not so much a word, but he's learnt to make bubbles with his lips and loves it!!

Jydan is working more and more on his army crawling, he is getting a little further and can probably move himself half a metre or so now :).
At about four months, Jydan stopped rolling. He learnt to do it early and then got over it. It was a bit funny. Well now he's picking it up again and rolling both ways.
Jydan has always been a chatterbox but he is babbling more and more. He even learnt to blow bubbles! He may be a spitting image of his dad, but I think he has his mums personality ;).
Jydan's learnt to WAVE too. I couldn't believe it. We wave goodbye to dad every morning and make a big deal of waving 'ta ta' and he waved goodbye to my Mum!

Personality This Week:
Jydan has been really talkative this week. Like I said above, he has always been chatterbox but it seems to be even more lately. So many new sounds and imitating some words, so cute.
He has been grizzly about his teeth though. The silly tooth is being really sore :(

Moment Of The Week:

First time on a swing, aww!!
Outfit Of The Week:

My new favourite overalls! PS. How cute are little boys in overalls!!

Photo Of The Week:
We had family photos this week, and had some gorgeous photos done. I'll post about them soon :) But here is one of my favourite photos!



Camille said...

Such cute pics!! I think that is really advanced that he is opening those flaps in his books.

We've missed a few pediatrician appointments too. Honestly, they don't really need them. I went every single month with my first and it was just like driving there for them to tell me "yes she's healthy" which I already knew anyway.

Liz @ Fitness Blondie said...

What a cutie, I love the picture of him in the bathtub.

Rachael F said...

I love your family photo! Precious =)