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Baby Jydan - 6 Months

Six Months:
This month has gone incredibly quick. I think I say that every month though. It's crazy. Is it possible for every month to get quicker and quicker?
Jydan is really taking in everything around him. He is trying to play with Millie, but unfortunately Millie won't have a bar of it. I have to watch him with her because he is all about pulling. Oh and putting everything in his mouth.
I've made sure Jydan has become more social with other babies this month and it will be a big focus next month too. I guess that's why Jydan is really big on interaction. Although, again, I have to watch him with all his pulling and prodding.
Jydan has a big exploring personality and wants to watch what's going on with everything. A lot of people say he is a bright little boy and he really is.

This month has probably been the hardest month though, not with his behaviour or anything, but the fact I've had to leave him. I've only ever left him for about an hour, twice, in his whole life. I want from that to being without him over night. It was so hard. I just can't believe you can miss someone so much. I'm sure I annoyed my husband with all the text messages asking if he has done this and that, how Jydan's going, how's he sleeping and pooping!  It really gave me an insight on how hard it is for Tim to leave Jydan for work.

This week has been all about teething too put no little toothies yet, hope they come soon because I hate seeing my man in pain!!

Jydan's Milestones:
He has had so many milestones this month, so bare with me:
-Although Jydan learnt to roll really young, three weeks, but he wasn't really interested in it. He rolled a lot at the start and then it was every now and then, to about once a month. Babies do things in there own way right? Well he has figured out how to roll again, so funny.
-He can turn himself around 360 degrees while on his tummy.
-He has fluked caterpillar crawling a couple of times. Only a couple of 'scoots' but it still counts, hehe ;).
-Jydan is sitting independently for about a minute or so, and is starting to learn to balance himself back up when he goes to fall.
-He is getting incredibly strong, he even picked up a box of wipes before, it surprises me every time!
-When Jydan is on his tummy and something is near him, he reaches and drags it towards him. Everything is interesting to him at the moment, it's so cute. We try and put things just a little out of reach to encourage him to crawl.
-Jydan is just starting to discover his feet. Especially when he is wearing interesting socks or shoes.
Last month I mentioned that Jydan's reflux seemed on the mend. So we reduced his medicine and took it off him to see how he went. He went really well when we reduced it but by the third day it was power chuck galore. The poor little thing!! Even when we put him back on his normal amount it still didn't seem enough, so we ended up having to up it a little bit - complete fail! He is now on 0.7 & 1/2 ml twice a day. Hoping that we can cut down by next month!

It is STILL a battle. my poor little man.. We are now using a natural product called 'Eczema Shield', so let's give that a go and see what happens.

Jydan's routine has changed a little this month, he isn't sleeping through the whole night anymore. My recent stay at hospital through that out. That's okay though, he's only waking once so I can deal with that. He also wakes for the day at 8:30am. He is also eating three meals a day, and only having 45minute naps again. I figure that's okay since he is getting approx 13 hours of sleep through the night. He also gets into a really deep sleep, so 45 minutes is probably all he needs.  So his routine now is:
5:30am - Feed, back to sleep
8:30am- Wake up. Cuddles in bed & nurse from me.
9:00am- Change nappy, medicine, eczema cream, tummy time.
9:30am- Jydan's breakfast time.
10:00am- Change nappy, nap time.
11:15am- Cuddles, Play, Story
11:45pm - Nurse from me,
12:00pm- Change nappy, nap time.
12:45pm- Wake up
1:00pm- Lunch time.
2:00pm - Change nappy
2:30pm - Nap time.
3:15pm - Wake up.
3:45pm - Nurse from me.
4:00pm- Change nappy.
4:45pm- Nap time.
5.30pm- Wake up, Dinner time.
6:10pm Medicine, get ready for the bath
6:15pm- Bath time
6:35pm- Finish bath, get dressed, eczema cream, PJ's on.
6:50pm- Nurse from me.
7:00pm- Bed time

Paediatrician Appointment
Our next appointment is on the 29th, we missed the last one because they forgot to notify us. Frustrating!


Jydan has put on about 200grams this month. Last month he put on 300 grams. It's around about half of what he is suppose to put on. I don't know why because he eats and eats! He is now weighing in at 7.02 kilos, (15.48 pounds) and is 67 centimeters long (26.4 inches). His weight is a little less then average and height is spot on average :).


We used disposables while I was in the hospital. It was a lot easier since I wasn't there to do the washing (hehe). But Jydan had a very sore bum but the end of the week. Lots of nappy free time has fixed that though and back to cloth :).

I was amazed at how much they held though! Gee!

Jydan's Likes/Dislikes:
He has such a great personality now, I know so many of his likes and dislikes:
-Jydan loves to have anything that we have or usually hold. Our phones, the remotes, the laptop, my water bottle.. why bother having baby toys? Although he does love his Sohpie the giraffe.
-Jydan is really impatient, he doesn't like to wait for anything... especially green lights!
-He LOVES the TV & could watch it all day, but we don't let him more then an hour a day.
-He loves nappy free time, incredibly scary for me but so fun for him, hehe. I try to give it to him after he has done a big poop, to air out a bit.
-Jydan also loves his bath time, he always has, but now that he's laughing and giggling and showing how excited he is, it really shows!
-He doesn't like being left alone for too long. He can easily entertain himself but after 10-15minutes he wants someone to play with :).
-Everything goes into Jydan's mouth, he likes to shove everything and anything in there. Funny little man.
-Jydan is really picky with his food. Some foods he loves, some he hatess (like peas!)

I'm still happily feeding Jydan. My aim was a year but I'm thinking maybe just over, I might continue with the morning and night feeds till he is about 1 & 1/2. I don't want to put him on cows milk before he's ready! Or soy milk in his case. Although, during my hospital stay we did have to give him formula a couple of times since they wouldn't let Jydan stay. It didn't really upset me because he was refusing everything else.. it was better then him having nothing at all (which he did a couple of times because he even refused formula at times!). We tried formula because we knew he refused to take milk out of a bottle and thought the different flavour of formula would help him take the bottle, which it did work a couple of times!
I continued to pump at 5 am and 8.30am when he usually feeds so I wouldn't lose my supply and haven't had any troubles with my supply so he is still fully breastfed.. yey!
Jydan is doing really well with his solid feeding too. He loves his fruit the most!

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