Saturday, May 18, 2013

Breastfeeding Guest Post - The Bonding.

First of, excuse the high amount of posts over the next couple of days, if you've been reading my blog you'll read that I've been in hospital, so haven't been able to post my regular posts, so here they are all at once :)
Jydan is now six months. To celebrate that I've been feeding him for (almost) six months I'm did a 'guest post call out' on the topic of; BREASTFEEDING! Until Jydan turned six months.
If you want to read the original a guest post call out out check it out
Emma is the last one to share a guest post in my breastfeeding guest post series. This is a great little post as Emma talks about the positives of breastfeeding. Over the last few guest posts we've heard how hard it can be, how it's not got everyone, how it's not as as easy as people make it out to be so it's great to here about the amazing benefits!
When I had my daughter, I told myself that no matter how hard it would be I would try to do my very best to breastfeed, turns out that my little Katalina was very easy to attach and feed.
Then when she was nearly 2 weeks old it became a little harder to feed her because my breasts were very sore, this is when I considered switching to formula but not before going out and purchasing a breast pump. I had heard that it was easier, but it wasn't, so I persisted with the breast feeding and eventually the pain went away. I went through feeding her till she was a year old.
She had formula on occasion after 6 months old such as when she would stay with grandma, or when it just wasn't convenient to stop for a good half and hour to give her a feed.

My advice to anyone who reads Harley's post is that breastfeeding in my opinion is very beneficial to  your baby, there is nothing wrong with formula, but as a woman you have been given the tools to feed your baby. So if you are able to then you should jump at the chance. Men can never know this kind of bond with their baby so you should feel honored that you can!

I never felt closer to Kat than when I would get to sit and feed her. I was very sad when the time came that I had to stop. .Of course everything has it's ups and downs but over all, as long as you are eating healthy, so is your baby.

I'm proud of myself that I pushed through with it and I am now pregnant again and I am intending to try just as hard to breastfeed him/her again this time - especially because I know now that it does get easier.

You are an amazing girl Harley, I know a lot of women who want to feed but are unable to in the beginning, but you persisted and have now breastfed Jydan for 6 months and he is a happy healthy little man, Congratulations girl xxxx

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