Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mothers Day in Hospital...

A couple of days ago I posted about my gallstones making me feel extremely ill... Turns out it's because a stone was in my duct and blocking the duct... So I ended up being admitted to hospital, in severe pain for surgeryvthe next day
.. The next day came and I had passed the stone but had to stay for observation, what a relief... But that night another stone got stuck. You have to be kidding me!!
So I'm in hospital again waiting for surgery and it's MOTHERS DAY!!!
Oh and they found out I have a couple of silly heart things going in, I'll explain later.
The hardest thing of all is being without Jydan! I have a hard time leaving him, and now I have to go without him over night. They won't let him stay with me. He is also refusing to take milk from the bottle (& sippy cup). It's such a big juggling act, trying to make sure he has enough milk!
Anyway, at least I got breakfast in bed right ;-).

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