Thursday, May 23, 2013

Techno FREE days.


I have decided that once every one - two weeks I'll be having a TECHNO FREE DAY.

-No Blogging.
-No T.V.
-No Facebook.
-No Instagram.
-No Computer.
-No Laptop.
-No Mobile Phone.
-No House Phone.
-No Net Banking.
-No Ebay.
Instead, I'll be:
-Playing With My Son.
-Teaching My Son.
-Sorting Out Junk.
-Walking The Dog.

Lets see how much I can accomplish with no technology. I have a feeling HEAPS!
Feel like technology is consuming too much of your life?
I invite you to the same!



Camille said...

This is such an awesome idea!! I'm definitely going to do it.

Ashley @ Forgetful Momma said...

This is usually my Sunday's. Sunday we chill, go for a drive, just spend time together.

Enjoy your Techno-free days. :-)