Thursday, May 30, 2013

Updating our home...

So! We have been wanting to upgrade our house for so long now. Our tiny little unit is just too small for our growing family. It's a tiny little two bedroom unit... to give you an idea on how incredibly little our unit is, we have the toilet, bathroom and laundry allll in the one room! and THAT room is super tiny too. Anyway, we are tripping over each other's toes & our unit is terribly cluttered. There isn't much room to move! ... let alone do anything!

We recently went to a financial advisor about the possibility to sell our unit and build a big house! Exciting huh? Real exciting.... until he said we could probably not afford it. That put a real damper on our plans. We had even chosen the block of land we wanted to build on. Because of the economy at the moment (ugh, how many times have I heard that damn saying lately ?! ) we don't think we would have made any money from our unit that we bought four years ago. Well, we can borrow more money but not enough.
It wasn't the answer we really wanted, well we didn't really want to hear it at all. So here we are STUCK! It really depresses me when we go to our friends beautiful homes and come home to THIS!

We are contemplating other ways around it, none of them is the solution we want.
Do we rent out our unit and rent a bigger place, just so we get a bigger house?
Do we sell up and just rent all together?
Do we just stay put?
Do we sell our unit and buy a house that's only slightly bigger?

Anyway, if we stay or go, we need to update! If we sell we need to refresh anyway and if we stay we need to revamp, make more space and make our house a little more 'homey'.
We really struggle with space so we need to come up with a lot of space saving ideas, we also need to do a lot of tidying, organising, painting and refreshing inside and out.
Bit by bit I'm going to start organising this house to love or to leave from top to bottom - starting from the entrance walkway and linen cupboard. I think if I do a section at a time it will be easier for me conquare the whole house!
The linen cupboard and entrance is real easy because not too long ago I sorted out the cupboard so basically all I need to do is scrub, sugar soap, dust and tidy.

So here goes! Follow my updating our home posts to see my revamp my house to love or leave! I'll also share some great storage and cleaning tips, show you progress photos and let you know what decision we have made.

PS here's a pic of out tiny entrance...


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