Saturday, June 8, 2013

0-6 Month Must Haves.

Over the last six months I have found some amazing products that I couldn't live without! They have definately made my life a lot easier so thought I would share them with you all!

- Love To Dream Swaddle.

Or a swaddle alike. Babies are far too strong enough to stay wrapped.

- Sophie the giraffe.
Best teething toy!

-Amber Teething Beads.

God's gift to teething babies- literally.

-Terry Towling.

I used these for burb cloths!

-Ibaby (Andrioid) App.

This app you add when your baby was changed, fed, pooped, what boob they are up to or how much they drank out of a bottle. This was really handy for me when my brain was scrambled after birth ;)

-Wonder Weeks App.

Know what development stage your baby is up to and how they may respond emotionally!

-Save Our Sleep

If you agree with all of her points or just some, it's a good book to read to pick up at least one tip. Sometimes you will just try anything!

- Tri Pillow.
We never got a feeding pillow, just used a tri pillow, much cheaper and works just the same :).

-Change Pad

Very handy to have an extra change pad lying around.

-Cloth Breast Pads
I would go through a box of breast pads a week. Just rewash and reuse!

-Ergo Carrier.

Or any carrier alike, this is just my favourite. So much easier then pulling out the pram sometimes. and when my son is grizzly and I need to do housework, it's a hit!

-Baby Sling.

Especially for those little bubbas that only like to go to sleep on their mummas!

-Bath Support.

I'm sure these have saved some parents backs in their time ;)
-Sleep Positioner
Stop your baby from rolling around in their bed, and yourself from a heart attack ;)
What was your 0-6 month must haves?

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Camille said...

We love amber teething necklaces. :) I don't know how they work but they do!

One of my 0-6 month must-have items was a vibrating seat. B loved hers, up until just recently she started preferring a walking/activity seat.