Wednesday, June 12, 2013

6-9 Month Must Haves.

Last week I posted 0-6 month must haves, and here are some products I swear by for a baby 6-9 months of age. Some of these I have or are on my wish list!


The most easiest way of storing, freezing, defrosting and dividing baby food or breast milk!

-Silicon Toothbrush
Silicone Finger Toothbrush for the first few toothies that are just too small for a toothbrush! My favourite brand is Jack 'n Jill.

- Sophie The Giraffe.
Sophie the giraffe is a teething toy, but not only is it great for painful gums, the spots are designed to help with eyesight development, the squeak is designed to help with hearing development and the texture is designed to help with sensory development.

-Scoop Bibs.

Perfect when you start solids, especially if you are led weaning. Scoop bibs catch all the mess and crumbs, instead of the floor. And when something accidently slips out of their tiny hands (especially rusks!!) the bibs catch it, ready for them to pick up :). PS - I ADORE this design.. WANT WANT WANT!

-Nuby Hot Safe Spoons.
These are temperature spoons. The colour goes completely white when the food is too hot and the colour comes back when the food temp is fine!
- Crib/Cot Teething Padding
I really don't want to think about cot accidents when they stands up and start chewing the sides...Eh!


Camille said...

We have those spoons. :) I really want to get that giraffe!

Camille said...

(Oh and according to our scale, B is 16 pounds:)