Friday, June 7, 2013

Baby Jydan - 6 Months 3 Weeks

Twenty-Nine Weeks:

I'm freaking out here, Jydan will be seven months soon? Next week? Get out! I will surely start to understand that he's not a newborn soon, right? Na, he's always going to be my little newborn. Especially now since he is starting to look like an older baby and act like an older baby.

This week was another week spent in and out of hospital, but thank goodness it's all over now, I've had my surgery and recovering better then I expected, yey! But poor Jydan didn't cope very well this time, he woke up one night screaming for 'mum', it breaks my heart! No more nights without him!
Oh, and because I've fasted seven times in the last three weeks my milk dried up, I was heartbroken! I'm doing everything I can to get it back though. I'm not giving up!

Favourite Toy This Week:
Leo the lion! He loves this handmade little lion.

Favourite Thing To Do:
Eat his feet! Jydan discovered his feet a few weeks ago now, but now he's all over them.. and all the mouth with them.

Favourite Book:
I must admit, we didn't read much this week with all the hospital and everything else going on - back to it next week!

Favourite Food:
We've added a few new foods to his diet this week, but non are real favourites. Mango is definitely still the favourite.

Favourite Word:
 Lots of 'mum' this week :)

 Jydan learnt to sleep completely unwrapped like a big bubba. He did it, and he did really well. It's now so much easier to put him to bed.
He is now playing with his toes and feet and trying to put them in his mouth.
When on his tummy, Jydan will stick his butt up and knees in and is beginning to make some crawling positions. He has pushed himself back a couple of times a little bit.
Jydan is really exploring different textures, different types of papers and he was especially interested in my hospital 'crunchy' wrist band.

Personality This Week:
 He really has been all about mum this week, he definitely missed me. More poor bub. He has been really snuggly and cuddly.

Moment Of The Week:
Rated R!!! Okay, excuse the nipple, but I think it's such a sweet photo. Jydan wanted a feed of mum but wanted to look at dad, so it ended up like this :P

Outfit Of The Week:

Big boy jams! he looks so big here, but he's so little!

Photo Of The Week:
My sweet man xx

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Camille said...

He is so sweet! He has the most adorable smile. My daughter loves to look at her dad while nursing too. She looks over to grin at him, then goes back to nursing, then stops to grin at him again. It's so funny.

I'm so sorry you've been in the hospital! I hope you're better now and don't have to go back anytime soon!! Good luck in getting your milk back. With my first daughter I got my milk supply up with Mother's Milk tea, steelcut oatmeal, and Malt flavor Ovaltine.