Thursday, June 20, 2013

Baby Jydan - 7 Months 1 Week.

Thirty - One Weeks:

I can SIT?! :O
My sweet little man has turned into the biggest delight! The most happiest baby. He has become the biggest giggle pot, ever! Apparently everything is funny! Ah bless him. He is always happy, except when he's tired. Oh and Millie the dog is probably the most funniest thing! We've also learnt to SIT
this week. I was so excited, one proud mama! And he laughs so much while he is sitting, it's definitely his favourite thing to do at the moment. Sometimes he gets so excited that he's sitting that he falls down, hehe. He is more content by himself while he is sitting too. Seeing the world in a different view, he loves it! I guess next big step is crawling? I'm not sure how I feel about crawling?!.. I'm excited that soon he will be strong enough to do it. I'm excited that he could entertain himself more and get to his toys himself, but I'm nervous about the mischief he is sure to get into!! Either way, I'm enjoying the immobility while it lasts ;)

This week has been pretty big, we had a paediatrician appointment yesterday and they are sending Jydan to a dietitian because of his lack of weight gain and head growth. I feel bad because it's my duty to feed him, and feed him nutritiously and now he has to see a dietitian? Do I feed him that poorly?! He has three meals a day, morning and lunch he has home made pureed fruit and dinner he has pureed veggies and meat, and he eats a lot.. 4-5 tablespoons a meal. Surely that's not a poor diet? Maybe it's my milk? Ho hum. Anyway, he had to have blood tests too, which was really heartbreaking for me too, and he wasn't impressed about them either! For a bub that's good with his needles :(. They are testing everything really, to see if his lacking in anything.
Other then the paediatrician appointment, we had a pretty quiet week.. catching up on housework (joy) before our busy schedule picks up again!

Favourite Toy This Week:
This little baby radio, loves it!!

Favourite Thing To Do:
SIT! and why not :).

Favourite Book:
He has always loved these sorts of books.

Favourite Food:
Chicken I think? He is loving his meats, especially chicken!

Favourite Word:
'More'.. He can now say mum, dad, apple, no & more. He says more heaps lately!

Sitting was obviously our biggest milestone this week, so proud, if you can't tell! He can lean forward while sitting to grab something and sit himself straight back up!
We are trying so hard to crawl, but nothing is happening. Lots of flipping and turning, bum arching and push ups, sometimes little army crawls, but no actual crawling.
Jydan is acing his sippy cup, we skipped the bottle, and skipped a cup with handles and went straight to these( by Jydans request)! and he loves it!

Personality This Week:
A little clown! giggle, giggle, giggle.. so cute. a real giggle pot he is. Happy boy!

Moment Of The Week:
Sleepy cuddles on mum <3

Outfit Of The Week:

My little trendy dude!

Photo Of The Week:
Trying to wake dad up! This boy loves his papa!

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