Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Baby Jydan - 7 months 2 Weeks

Thirty - Two Weeks:
My baby bear is now 7 & 1/2 months & it's absolutely blown me away! I have seen a few newborns lately and it spins me out how super quick he is changing. He was once a teeny tiny little bear, so still and quiet, with little wind smiles. Seven and a half months later and I've totally forgotten how super tiny he was (although a biggen at 8 pound 5 oz). I love this time though. I love that I can sit him down to entertain himself. I love that he will tell me he wants something by making sounds or trying to get something, that he had opinions about what he wants and who he wants to go to. He has a drop dead gorgeous personality!!

Dressed up as batman...
This week has been a mixed bag of things. From his first costume/dress up outing, mothers group, Tim having four days off work, visiting family, shopping, starting early toilet training (which you can read about here) to ending this week with a very nasty cough :(. We were suppose to start swimming today finally but the little mans cough is just terrible. We will see how it goes tomorrow and if we have to see the doctor. We got the blood tests results back too! Jydan is lacking in Vitamin D and Iron. It's a bit strange because Jydan is eating lots of iron rich food. We will receive a script in the mail in the next couple of days for some supplements.

This week we have also cut down Jydan's reflux medicine!! He has now halved his dose for the morning, yey! Finally.

PS I'm loving how Jydan is more upright in his weekly photos now he can sit! yey!
Favourite Toy This Week:
 This little toy, it's a funny thing, and if you shake it, it whistles!

Favourite Thing To Do:
 DRINK!! What a good thing to do? I actually think he is having a bit of  a growth spurt because he has been wanting more and longer feeds lately.

Favourite Book:
Jydan is starting to really love books, not so much sitting still long enough to be read one, but he loves playing with them. I'm trying to teach him the word 'book'.. I'm guessing he will say 'boo'. He is really loving touch and feel books!

Favourite Food:
 Hmmm all up his favourites are banana, mango and chicken. I think this week it is chicken again.

Favourite Word:
 He said bub this week.. is that classed as a word?
Jydan said bump this week and has been pushing his arms up straight when he is on his tummy, almost like a sit up position?
Now Jydan has mastered sitting, all he wants to do is stand! He loves standing, it's so cute but a bit too grown up for my liking! Sometimes he gets too excited and starts bopping along, hehe. He has never used a jolly jumper so it's all him learning to bounce :)
He is getting more and more better at drinking his water from a sippy cup.
He is really identifying with words now, especially 'up', he gets really excited!

Personality This Week:
So gorgeously cheeky! He has been completely refusing to sleep lately and I realised its because the poor thing was getting sick!

Moment Of The Week:
 First time on the potty!!!
Outfit Of The Week:

 We were walking through Kmart and I realised how super cute Jydan's outfit was.. It was a 'hold Jydan up' moment ;) 

Photo Of The Week:
My dads hand, mine and Jydans...



Jayme Holmes said...

gosh he is growing up so fast!!
Toby has one of those birdy toys that whistles and he loves it!!

Camille said...

The last pic is so precious! And I love him dressed as Batman!! I seriously can't believe he's talking and understanding words already. Isn't he a smartie!