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Baby Jydan - 7 Months

Seven Months:

30 weeks:
It's been such a big month this month, full of amazing milestones, I'm beside myself. There seems to be such a big difference between six months and seven months. Not with growth, because the little man isn't growing as well as  he should but with his milestones.
A few things that have gone on this month is my gallbladder surgery, Jydan graduated to a big baby carseat instead of a capsule, We had my mothers group, my study group, church, I lost my milk supply and got it back again, Jydan learnt to sleep unwrapped, we booked in for swimming lesson, had my sisters birthday, had family photos, 6 month immunisations and a health clinic appointment, play dates, music, Jydan started wearing the next size up, finally drank from a bottle but now drinks from a cup, started eating more foods and now says five words!
It's also been a big 'mummy' week for me! I put him in crèche for the first time.. and the second time while I went to my mums group. It was only for an hour, and I could see him the whole time, but it was a HUGE step for me. I think the fact that I had to leave him while I was in the hospital helped me be able to leave him, but it was still really hard. Ugh, but I did it! My dad said that if I don't leave him by the time he is one he is going to have an intervention, haha. It only took me six months :P.

Millie the dog has been able to take Jydan a bit more nowadays, they even play fetch together! So cute! Jydan will tap the ball and Millie will pick it up and put it on his bum (Don't ask!) but so cute! Jydan get's so excited by her too, so lovely.

Jydan's Milestones:

Jydan is now saying FIVE words now. I can't believe it. Speaking in single syllable words all day words pays off, huh? He now says 'MUM 'APPLE' 'DAD' 'NO' and 'MORE'. He is incredibly clever, I can't believe it. He also mimics sounds and mouth movements. He will watch what you're saying, mimic mouth movements and then just gives up and squalls. It's so gorgeous!  I'm not expecting anymore words anytime soon though, surely not?!

Although Jydan can't crawl yet, he can mysteriously move himself for one side of the lounge to the other. I have no idea how? All of a suddon he has moved a few meters, turned 360 degrees and flipped himself around. ha! I think it's his legs. I think he pushes off with them?

Jydan loves his feet, and thinks they belong right in his mouth! He has stopped doing his crunches now, I think he just lifts his legs up to his face instead.
Jydan has been laughing for a while now but he has caught the giggles. The little munchkin has caught the giggles and he laughs at anything, apparently im hilarious!
So Jydan hasn't grown out of his reflux yet... so much for babies should be over it by six months. It was actually recommended that Jydan went on a stronger medicine, but I'm going to wait because it's known to cause constipation. I'm going to wait 'till he can sit more independently, see if being more upright settles it down.

As you can see on his poor little face, we are still trying to find the best way to kick this eczema in the butt. Literally nothing is working and he seems to be reacting to everything, more so natural products because they're plant based. And plants irriate eczema. So we are reviewing mine and his diet. Arggghh!

I'm really happy with Jydan's routine and he seems fairly happy with it too. He is pretty settled and happy, so it works well for him :). It chops and changes and sometimes he sleeps for longer but generally it's three 45 minute naps, unless he sleeps on me which he sometimes does with his 3pm sleep. I love our cuddle time! He wakes for the day either 7.30 or 8.30am and goes to bed at 7pm. He has 4-5 milk feeds a day, depending if he sleeps through the night, and 3 solid meals a day that are anywhere between 3 & 1/2 - 4 & 1/2 tablespoons a meal. We change his bum every 2 hours except for the morning its every hour, because he's a pee machine.  He poops everyday at 6:10pm, almost to the dot.. so funny! We have a bath around 6.20 and sometimes we get caught :/.

Health Clinic Appointment:
Jydan is reaching all the right milestones and is doing exceptionally well with his words. We need to try and put more weight on him as he hasn't doubled his birth weight yet, but other then that, everything is going great according the health nurse.

Paediatrician Appointment:
Uggghhhh our last appointment was cancelled, and we have another one booked for the 19th. For goodness sake, He is now 7 months and has had one appointment that he's suppose to have monthly.

This month Jydan only put on about 160grams. Combination of my milk doing funny things and Jydan usually not gaining enough in general. It seems to be less and less each month. So we've been told to put him on a more fatty diet now.. avocado galore! More meats and a little bit of veg oil.
Jydan is 7.2 kilos, which is 15.8 pounds and 68cm (26.7 inches). His tiny head is 41 cm (16.1 inches).

Between the cold rainy weather and being unable to get the nappies dry and myself not being able to
 bend a great deal to get them hung up or in the machine because of surgery (which I feel I can get back to normal now) we've had to use sposeis every now and then, but still mainly cloth. I'm on the look out to get some more.

Jydan's Likes/Dislikes:
Sleeping is a bit of a dislike at the moment, man can this babe refuse to sleep. He sleeps fine on me, but not really practical 90% of the time. He sleeps well at night most of the time  and sometimes he's a breeze to put to sleep, but goodness me, other times.. like this morning!! He is loving a lot of his toys at the moment, especially his play table. And music, he loves music. His favourite song that I sing to him is the alphabet.. good choice, Jydan!
He doesn't like it when he does a poop and tries to wiggle away from it. Poor thing doesn't realise that it's going to follow him until he finishes and I can change him.
He is really loving standing up at the moment, he is a big wobbler though so we have to hold him.


I'm so proud, So, I lost my milk while I was in hospital but I've amazingly got it back!! Yey! So we're feeding amazingly again. And I'm still determined to feed him until he is about one and a half :).
He eats LOTS too. around 4 tablespoons each meal. He loves chicken and he loves mango! He is a bit of a picky eater and if he doesn't like it, he will refuse it. So I tend to hide the things he doesn't like in foods he does. He is drinking a bit of water with his food now too, from a sippy cup.

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