Monday, June 3, 2013

Gallbladder update & packing for the hospital.

Hi all, Just wanted to update. Three weeks ago I was diagnosed with gallstones and then ended up in hospital because of the severe pain because a stone was stuck in the bile duct a few days after. I was suppose to go for emergency surgery but I had 'passed the stones' that were stuck So I was sent home to wait for surgery.

Three weeks later I started having an attack again. Thinking it would eventually pass I stayed home to fight it. Ten hours later, in absolute agony and vomiting about every half hour I finally went to the hospital with my mum. I was in too much pain to give my details in accident and emergency, my mum had to do that for me. I don't think they really realised how much pain I was in until I started vomiting again.
After some good morphine and anti nausea drugs I was fine and able to catch up on some sleep. I had another ultrasound that morning which turns out that there is a stone stuck in my bile duct. The gallbladder was inflamed and the duct, stones ect are now infected. I have to take eight tablets of antibiotics a day now!
Also, I am experiencing constant pain on my left side which is suspected pancreatitis - another complication from gallstones... if only they took the gallbladder out in the beginning!

I spent over night in hospital again and am booked in for surgery Tuesday (TOMORROW!!). I chose to go home and wait so I could be with my little man, and come back again 7am tomorrow morning.
We are hoping that I have keyhole (laparoscopic) surgery, but because of all the complications, they're not sure if I could, so we will just see.

I'm a little bit nervous about tomorrow, but I'm sure all will be okay, and I'm more looking forward to the relief of pain afterwards. No more attacks. I think I've had about 7 or so in three weeks? Anyway, fingers crossed!

Oh, and they say that I got the gallstones from pregnancy! Pregnancy can bring them on and also rapid weight loss. I've lost 33 kilos (72.7 pounds) since I've had Jydan!

I'm spending the day expressing milk, packing & catching up on housework.. oh and blogs ;)

Here's my packing list for an over night hospital stay for myself & my six month old son:
-Track pants.
-T Shirt.
-Sports Bra.
-Hair Tie.
- QV Wash.
- Tri Pillow.
- Cloth breast pads.
- 2 X Grosuits.
- Outfit.
- Socks.
- Singlets.
- Mittens.
- 7 X cloth nappies (Hubby can always bring more)
- Disposables nappies, just encase.
- Security Teddy.
- Blankie
- Bibs.
- Spoons.
- 3 X home made meals.
- 3 X store bought meals for the next day.

Jydan helping me pack, aww!


If you have any tips for surgery, let me know!!

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