Saturday, June 22, 2013

Journery To The Toilet... - 7 months.

So! Controversial subject, I know. I've especially found that when I've spoken to people about 'Elimination Communication' or, if you haven't heard of it... early toilet training. We had decided to begin when Jydan could sit independently. So here goes! Today was Jydan's first time on the potty! If you're interested in reading about our journey to the toilet, follow along!
 I have NOTHING against the average two year old toilet training, that definitely has it's benefits too, this is just the journey we've chosen... Elimination Communication isn't for everyone, but hopefully it's for us!

Why we chose to do Elimination Communication?
Jydan poops at the SAME time everyday, or just about. 5.15pm. everyday. So what started out as 'we might as well just put him on the potty or toilet for it' ... well, why not? We know exactly when he is going to do a #2. We decided that once Jydan could sit on the potty independently, we will pop him on at 5.15 for a couple of minutes. Saves washing poo of a cloth nappy! So that's how we will start, just poops in the evening. Researching about it all I fell in love with the idea of Elimination Communication. Teaching a habit is easier then breaking a habit. Teaching babies a new habit (by using the toilet) instead of breaking a habit (that they poo and wee in a nappy).

What is Elimination Communication?
Elimination Communication is a toilet training technique using cues, signals, and being 'in-tune' to your babies needs to figure out what they do when they wee or poo and use those cues and signals to put them on the potty or toilet before they actually wee or poo. The theory and technique comes from countries like Africa where babies and children are nappy-less, accident-free and toilet trained by the age of one! Here, studies show that by using the elimination communication technique babies are toilet trained BY the age of two. Where the average age of the usual toilet training begins around three! However, EC is more about communication between mother and baby, or the carer and baby, then the final outcome (toilet trained).
Elimination Communication isn't seen as 'training' as such, more that we are meeting the babies needs, but for the sake of this blog, and to better understand what I'm talking about for those who don't know much about EC, lets just say toilet training.

Benefits of EC:
Bonding- Elimination Communication creates an extra bond between the career and baby by being more in tune with their needs and wants. Learning more about their communication and routine.
Saves Money & Environmentally Friendly- Many ECing parents or guardians don't go nappy-free 100% of the time, especially at night, but when they do they save money and waste on nappies. And being that children that have used the Elimination Communication are usually 'toilet trained' earlier, they are out of nappies completely sooner.
Less Bacterial Rashes & Infections.- 'Nappy Free Time' has always been used to help keep nappy rashes under control. EC allows the child to have less nappy time = less bacteria on their back and fronts, preventing UTI's.
Reduces Constipation - EC reduces the risk of constipation dramatically in children. It's much harder for a baby to poop laying down then sitting on a potty. Just imagine it.. can you poop laying down? Sitting up reduces strain and pushing which can sub consciously stop a baby from pooping.

Our Progress:

The last few weeks we have been doing lots of nappy free time. I've picked up on a few signs that Jydan is doing a widdle. Sometimes he has a little grunt, sigh or he will stop playing for a split second and concentrate. Also, if he wee's while he is on his tummy, I can near guarantee that he will roll over to get away from the wetness. When he was younger he even had a 'wee face'!! (PS we put towels and change mats down where he is, and if he moves away, we disinfect where he is weed, we don't just let him piddle anywhere :) ). I'm trying to figure out more about his wee routine. I know he wee's about every 30 minutes, if not more, and he poo's at around 5.15pm everyday. He sometimes poops more then once a day depending especially on if I've eaten any dairy. At the moment he is going a few times a day because of the extra reflux medicine he isn't needing (we think!). We are slowly cutting that down now he can sit, and be more upright! lets see how we go.
So Jydan had his first go on the potty yesterday, so tiny on it! You can definitely tell they are made for older babies so I'm looking into ordering one for a tiny bum :). He didn't do a wee in it or anything, but it was more about introducing it to him.

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That sounds neat. I should try this because my little one poos every morning around 8am.