Friday, July 5, 2013

Baby Jydan - 7 Months 3 Weeks.

Thirty - Three Weeks:
So I wrote the whole blog about Jydan this week and then it disappeared!! I'm so frustrated and not writing it all again so I'm just doing a quick update for this week. We started swimming this week and Jydan was SO good at it for his first go, I really enjoyed it too. They do so many amazing things; learning to get in and out safely. Flipping himself onto his back in the water. Crawling along the wall. Blowing bubbles. And a few other things. It was so cool!
He also learnt a few more words and I think he says eight now.  his most recent word is 'hello'. He also said his first two word sentence which was 'more apple' so cute! He was actually eating his dinner but anything food related is 'apple' lol.
Jydan is loving being able to stand now, and he is getting so strong now. He much prefers standing then sitting.
It was Tim's birthday this week!! The big 30! The first birthday of Tim as a dad! How cute :)
Jydan has been a bit sick this week. It started off as a cough and then turned into a cold mixed in with teething too and it's been awful. He has been waking up extra through the night too. But I think our night schedule is back to normal. He has been his happy cheeky self anyway when he isn't in pain or sick.
I'll leave you with all these photos that I would have put in the blog anyway ;).

Sleeping with his eyes open!!
Mmm food!
I love this!!!!
Jydan ready for swimming!

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Camille said...

So cute!! Can not believe he's talking so much already!!!!