Monday, July 1, 2013

Planning Baby #2!

It was our plan that we will start trying for baby #2 when Jydan turns one. In four & half months time now!
I have decided that I REALLY want a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) after my emergency cesarean for Jydan. So we are moving our trying date to May 2014, in ten & half months time to allow a higher chance for one.

I am a bit sad that we won't get our bubby as soon as we wanted. I would have loved to have our babies close in age. It took us so long to try for Jydan so it could be another three years or more until we meet our baby number two. I can't risk it though, if we were to fall pregnant straight away I wouldn't be able to go for a VBAC.
 I know I need to keep it in mind that I may not get a VBAC. I think I will be REALLY disappointed if I didn't have a virginal birth though. I'm not mentally prepared for another cesarean, and I don't want to be. I know at the end of the day, it's the end of the result that counts, but I see it as a domino effect. If I don't push for a VBAC for #2 it's going to get harder and harder each baby to go for a vaginal birth. Also, I would hate to be restricted on the amount of children I can have because of the amount of ceasers I've had.
Here is a few reasons why I'm pushing for a VBAC;
- Recovering from a cesarean while running around a possibly 2 & a half year old will be a nightmare!
- We are wanting five children. It is recommended (although it's not ruled out) that you don't have any more then three sections.
- With each cesarean the scar tissue gets worse.
- It's a long recover after a cesarean ( my scar still hurts at times!).
- The medication to help with the pain after a cesarean is not really good for a breastfeeding mum.
-The after pain was not a good mix with a cesarean pain.
- A vaginal birth is something I just really want to experience.
-I want to feel the accomplishment of being able to delivery naturally.
-Shorter stay in hospital.
-Ability to do more for my newborn.
So I'm using this time to prepare my body for a VBAC by;
-Becoming more fit.
-Becoming more healthy.
-Strengthening my stomach muscles.
-Waiting over a year and a half for recovery.
- Preparing my body for pregnancy.
-Finding a pro VBAC doctor.
-Researching doulas.
  We all know how quick time goes, the last 7 & 1/2 months have just flown, so I'm sure the next 10 will too. I guess it's good in a way... if I was getting ready to try for baby #2 now, I wouldn't be able to wholey enjoy Jydan as a teeny tiny little person that he is now. I would be worried and then heartbroken every month. Besides having to wean him off feeding so I could get my periods (which I haven't had yet). And then morning sickness while trying to run after a new walker.. ehh! It's just funny how it all worked out.
Any tips on planning for a VBAC you would like to share?


Jayme Holmes said...

A lady in my facebook pregnancy group has just had an accidental VBAC with #3 she didn't realise she was in labour!
Peed herself in the morning so she put in a pad, She started having 'braxton hicks' at about 12, went to the hospital at 2.15 because there was blood on the pad and she was 6cm dilated, 30 mins later she was 9cm and the doctors had to let her try push because she progressed so quickly.

She also thinks it hurt more than a c section which I find very interesting.
She was due the same day as me and booked in for a section this week.

I really hope you get your VBAC and I love that you are going all the right ways about planning one!
10 and a half months will fly!

Harley Cocks said...

Oh wow!! Hope everything went safely for her.. I'm suprised she said that it hurt more then a section? She will probably find the recovery a lot better & quicker though. Thanks for being encouraging like usual Jay xx

Camille said...

My mom had a VBA2C. She said finding a really supportive midwife that believed in her was really important. She was determined to have a VBAC with her second baby but her doctor just wasn't open to it.