Thursday, August 29, 2013

9-12 Month Must Haves.

- Play Table
Jydan just loves these play tables, he has three! And this musical one by Leap Frog is his (and my!) favourite! It's the first thing he goes to when he has his toys out. He could play with them all day. They have some great learning activities on them.

- Leg Warmers
 Ahhh.. crawlers = carpet burn :/ . Baby leg warmers are a must to keep on hand when bub is wearing legless pants and is in crawling mode!

- Take and Toss products
I bought a pack of 24 take and toss products for about $10! Amazing value! Great to put at the back of the pantry for when you need them. The sippy cups are pretty good too. The storage bowls are big enough to hold Jydan's lunch and are a great basic container to carry his meals in when we go out and about. I've never had a spill either.

- Scoop Bibs

At this age they start to have a lot of finger food, and also a lot of families are doing more baby led weaning style feeding. So these come in really handy. Jydan knows that when food falls into his bib he just has to reach into his bib and grab them. We just wipe them down and use it for the next snack.

- Baby Carrier

I'm pretty sure I put this baby carrier in every must have post! I just love, love my ergo! At the moment Jydan is going through a bit of a 'rough patch' so it's in the carrier we go. So great when I have to do the housework and Jydan is clingy. Baby snuggles all day!
Plus I don't drive so this makes public transport trips soo much easier.
- Wooden Puzzles

Jydan just LOVES his puzzles and these wooden puzzles with the little handles on them make life really simple for the little boy! All the different colours and shapes and learning to put them in in the right spot. This is probably one of the very few things Jydan will play with independently. Very recommended for older babies.
-  Baby Art Smock

This is such a fun craft age, and messy craft age. If you haven't introduced painting yet now is definitely the time. These full covered art smocks are a clothes life saver! (although we tend to paint naked)
- Travel High Chair

This is one of the best inventions. We are always out and about to my families for dinners and it's so small and easy to use. I MUST admit, we haven't got one of these, but it's on top of my wish list! We are off to a holiday soon and I'll be buying this to take with us. This will be really convenient when we go to resturants too, no more sitting on my lap and trying to balance a meal and a baby, and a handful of toys ;)
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