Friday, August 9, 2013

Baby Jydan - 8 Months. (one month late)

Eight Months:
 31-34 weeks:

I'm SO late with this, but oh well, here it is :)...

My poor little man has been really sick this month. He had a bad cough, the it turned into a cold then bronchiolitis. I missed a few of his weekly posts so I've decided that along with Jydan being sick & also really active now maybe I should just stick to the monthly posts for him. He is really keeping me on my toes now & I love being able to make more time for him. I have his progress photos and journey to the tt posts I'll still post :).
Sick lil boy
This month has been HUGE! He is growing up so quickly & so smart! He is a real 'big' baby now, becoming more & more independent & active. He isn't crawling yet but he can magically move him self from one side of the lounge to the other! He is a scooter and a turner. I'm making the most of him not get into things though, because its not going to last much longer!!
We've started swimming & Jydan is getting so good at it. I'll go into more detail down below. He loves it, and has made a little friend!
Other then that, this month has involved the start of our craft nights! PAINTING! It was so fun! We are going to have craft nights once a week, except this week we're going to do some cooking! He is going to help me cook some organic/ wheat free rusks and eats the goodies after :).
Jydan had his eight month health clinic appointment, also a dietician appointment and a peadertrition appointment. He has been a busy baby! He us still going to a peadertrition about his lack of head growth & then now his body isn't growing very well either. Blood tests showed that he has really low iron & vit D. We are now seeing an improvement with his weight gain since Jydan has been on iron & vit D liquid, yey! :D He has finally doubled his birth weight as of the other day! Took him double the time, but he did it ;).
We practice getting in & out of the bath safely each night & he's really getting the hang of it! I can't believe the amazing things he is learning at such a young age. Like flipping himself over to float in the water, crawling along the wall, getting in and out, paddle and kicking, getting use to water on his face, floating, blowing bubbles and a few other things. Now that he has learnt about bubbles, all he wants to do is blow bubbles!All the time! From the moment he puts himself to sleep to when he wakes up. 
Jydan's Milestones:

 Jydan mastered sitting this month! He was just over 7 months, so he was fairly early. I was so proud! I owe it to this amazing sitting support that my mums friend made! It helped teach Jydan to balance himself :).
Now he has learnt to sit though he just wants to stand!! He is now standing while holding onto things! Strong little leggies.
Jydan says probably ten words now? I know, I know! so crazy huh! He only says about five all the time but that's still HEAPS! His words are ; Mum, dad, apple, more, hello, no, book, bath, bub & I can't remember what else. I can't remember, I can't keep up! lol. He has said his first two word sentence too which was 'more apple'.
Jydan's doing really well with his sippy cup. He sips away after a meal. It melts my heart!
 Since Jydan can sit independently now the reflux has improved HEAPS! We've even cut down his medicine to half the amount! He was having 0.8 ml day & night. Now he is having 0.3 morning & 0.4 through the night! I'm so pleased :). It's been a slow process to cut it down, It's taken us a month to cut it down to half. I don't want to get too ahead of myself.

Eczema is going well too & has been fairly mild this month. I was really scared about the chlorine in the swimming pool & Jydan's eczema but I actually think it's helped it! Kill the bacteria in it or something. I was surprised! I really thought it would make it worse.
I've found wheat & strawberries really make it play up so we stay away from them!

Jydan wakes anywhere between 7.30-8.00 and goes to bed at 7.00. He has three naps. Two are 40-60 minutes and one is between an hour & a half - two hours. He still wakes up once through the night, the health nurse said I could try and get him out of it but I'm happy to feed him! Especially since he is having trouble gaining weight.
He is still having about five feeds in a 24 hour period. and has three solid meals a day. We are now offering him afternoon tea too since he had trouble gaining weight. So he will have some foods he can pick up and eat. Like cheese, a Mandarin, apple pieces ect. So we are doing a little bit of baby led weaning :).

Sunday Craft Days:
We've started craft days on Sundays and have had sooo much fun! Last weekend we started with finger painting. Jydan's first painting effort. We all had soo much fun, especially Jydan. I'm so glad he loved it. Here is our super fun painting experience :)

Health Clinic Appointment:
 The nurse was really impressed with how Jydan is travelling. Especially with how smart he is becoming. He is doing really well and ticking all the right boxes. She was impressed that we read together, the amount of words that he knows and that his growing is picking back up :). The only thing to keep an eye on really is the fact that he has no toothy tooths yet. His next health clinic assessment is when he is 12 months old but we have to go monthly for weight and measurement checkups.

Paediatrician Appointment:
The padertrition referred us to a dietician as well to try and figure out what we can do to increase Jydans weight! We are also on iron liquid and vitamin D liquid as the pead sent us for blood tests and saw that he was really low!

Thankfully Jydan has FINALLY doubled his birth weight. Better late then never, right? He now weight 7.5 kilos and is 67 cm long. That's 16.5 pounds and 26.4 inches! So he put on a bit of weight this week.. still not the average amount but he did well! We were really proud :).
Jydan's hair is really growing now too! He still hasn't got as much as he was born with.
Jydan's eyes are such a beautiful brown colour, really, really dark. almost black! So gorgeous!

We have been using disposable about 10 % of the time at the moment due to the rain and I just can't keep up with the washing! Let alone the dishes! Let alone blogging.. oh dear!
Because Jydan has slimmed off a lot I thought I would try his size smalls back on and they fit perfectly now, so he now has more nappies for his stash! I don't think this boy will ever fit into larges! haha. Which wil be fine because we won't have to buy any more nappies :). It feels great to say though!

Jydan's Likes/Dislikes:
 Jydan is really enjoying his food, it's been great to see. There has been days where he doesn't want to eat much and some days he wants to eat the house down but he actually loves his food so much that he will have a little giggle while he's eating!!
Techno baby! Jydan loves anything to do with technology. Remotes, mobile phones, the TV, the computer- anything technology he wants his hands on. I think we need to invest in some baby techno things for his birthday.
Jydan absolutely loves standing and is getting sooo good with it! He is starting to hold his own weight up. It's funny because he isn't crawling, maybe he will be one of those babies that walk before crawling?
Jydan's favourite toy at the moment is little blocks. Those shape blocks that you have to put into the different shape holes? Well he loves them! It's gorgeous! So we spend a bit of time going over what colour and shape they are.

Jydan eats about 3-5 tablespoons three times a day as well as 5 breastmilk feeds. We are introducing cows milk too which we are slowly introducing and he will eventually have for one feed every second day. We were advised from the dietitian to help with weight gain :).
We are also introducing afternoon tea. He isn't ready for it, but we need to push it to help him gain weight too, so he is having a rice rusk or something little until he build up an appetite for it :).


Camille said...

He is just so handsome! Wow, he is really doing beautifully with talking. Still can't believe he said a 2 word sentence already!!!! I hope his health problems keep improving. I had a lot of trouble with weight gain for my first daughter. She was always tiny, but you know what, she was healthy. She is still not up to the weight like the doctor wants her too but I was stick thin as a kid too and I was perfectly healthy. So I do try to make sure she eats her healthy foods and takes her extra vitamins, but I try not to worry about it too much. Some kids are just always on the slim side.

Jayme Holmes said...

Just went to grab your button to put on my page but couldn't find it :(

Jydan is growing so fast!