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Baby Jydan - 9 Months

Nine Months:
 35-39 weeks:
This month has quite possibly been the most funniest month! I'm just loving all the amazing things he is learning at the moment and there seems to be a new thing everyday. These babies brains are like sponges! I feel so incredibly proud of my little man. Not because of the amount of things he is learning but just because he is such a beautify scrumptious little man!
He is such a happy little man. He is always giggling and smiling. Especially when we play peak-a-boo! He is also super ticklish so if you can't get a giggle by doing something funny, you can just tickle him! I feel like a comedian around him though, he sure makes me super happy! I'm so happy to be his mum.

Jydan shot up three teeth this month! Yey! Finally we have teeth! :D.
Jydan did really well with his teething actually. I am pretty surprised. He is just more exhausted and sleeps more often. Oh and he has this disgusting symptom of smelly wee. He gets it just about he is about to cut a tooth. It's so bad that we have to use disposables instead of cloth. It happened every time he cut a tooth.

Jydan is doing really well with his swimming. His strength is probably paddle and kicking and getting in the pool safely. I am really surprised at how quickly Jydan is picking things up. He has made a friend too, Felix. Felix' mum & I have coffee with our little boys beforehand and Jydan is getting really excited when he sees Felix. He squeals and jumps around. So precious!
Jydan's Milestones:

Jydan is slithering forward now, more like dragging himself on his belly to get a toy. He started on the day he turned 9 months. It's a big caterpillar crawl. He is very fast in going around in circles and backwards, But he isn't actually crawling.  He takes a few steps when he stands up if he's holding onto my hands so I think he is more interested in walking then crawling!
He is also really intellectual as well, he says 11 words now!!! He understands about twenty too. It astounds me. Especially when he says things like 'Book mum' when he is telling me he has a book. Yes, he is only nine months!
He has learnt to clap the last week too. It's so uncoordinated and precious.. he completely misses his hands, haha!
 Jydan is totally off his reflux medicine!!! We completely weaned himself of his medicine. It took awhile and he still spews every now and then. Probably a couple of times - a few times a week. I'm SOO glad that it's one less medicine he is on. Thank goodness.
We were advised to keep him on until he was one, but we made the decision as parents to slowly wean him. It took about two months and we would cut out a little each day to see how he went. A couple of times we had to stop cutting it back until his system got use to it, and then cry again. Until official he was off! Best news for this month :).

Jydan's eczema is still lingering, we have good days and bad says and he has patches on his skin that are permanently there that we can't get rid off! But it is getting better. Hopefully he will grow out of it soon.

Jydan is sleeping through the whole night now! I'm so grateful. I know when I go to bed I'm going to get a full nights sleep. It's an amazing thing ;). However, he wakes up earlier! Like around 6am! Oh well, I just have to go to bed a little earlier! Jydan is having 4 milk feeds in a 24 hour period, breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. His meals are about 6 tablespoons and his afternoon tea is about a handful of finger foods.. toast, a mandarin, cubes of cheese or watermelon.. something along those lines.
Jydan is only having two naps now. Generally it's at 9-11 and 2-4 and then bed at 7pm :).

Sunday Craft Days:

We are having so much fun with our craft days and have done so many fun things.. Pasta necklaces, painting, drawling, handprints. My favourite was the finger painting with the painters tape to spell out his name. I'll write up a blog for crafts under one soon :).  This month I have shaving cream, vegetable paint, paint stamps and hand cast planned! It's going to be super fun :).

Health Clinic Appointment:
Jydan did REALLY well with his weight gain this month, we are soo proud. He is finally gaining brilliantly. And meeting all his milestones. He is really forward with his speech. :).. speaking about 11 words but around 5 all the time and has said a few two word sentences.

Paediatrician Appointment:
We missed our paeds app this month.

Jydan's hair is growing beautifully now, after loosing all his hair at about two months old he only has a little less then what he was born with. It's a beautiful orange colour/red colour. It's to die for! I'm biased though, it's my hair colour too ;)
Jydan is now 7.8 kilos, which is fantastic because our goal for his slow weight gain was that he would be 8 kilos by the time he is 12 months. And he is going to hit that probably by the time he is 10 months! I'm SO pleased. He is sitting at the 10th percentile for his weight now, so he's climbing back up, yeye! So proud. His height is on just average, so that's great! His poor teeny head isn't even on the scale yet, but I'm sure it will get there soon.
This month Jydan put on the most weight and grew the longest he has in probably 6 months! He definitely had a growth spurt and I think the Vit D is really helping :)

One of Jydan's terrible teething signs is smelly wee.. it's really really gross. I can smell it more in cloth so on days where he's about to cut we use sposies ;) haha! Especially at night. But he seems to be getting over that now, so we have gone back to cloth today. I don't think it will be long 'till we will be back in sposies again because I'm sure the 4th tooth is about to sprout at any moment!

Jydan's Likes/Dislikes:
Jydans favourite toys at the moment is puzzles. He loves puzzles. He obviously can't do them yet but he likes to try. I sit down and do them with him sometimes and other times it's probably the only thing he will independently play with. He also absolutely loves his comfort teddy, Fred! He loves him so much it's soo dirty! haha! He can't sleep without it.
Jydan absolutely loves his friends. He gets soo excited. Like as if I keep him away from his friends for months, but he actually has the best social life. Probably why he gets so excited? He just loves little people. He can't contain himself. It's amazing to see :).
We absolutely hate nappy change at the moment.. both of us. He hates sitting on his back still, he just wants to roll away and I really hate holding him down. He just wants to go. I hate fighting with him.


9 months on and we're still breastfeeding! I'm so grateful! We are half way through to our 18 month goal,  we are so amazingly blessed! I have just started introducing morning tea, so Jydan is now having 4-5 meals a day depending on his naps :) and 4 breastfeeds.

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Camille said...

He sounds so friendly and happy. :) What a cutie. And I swear he is a genius, I have literally never heard of a 9 month old talking nearly this well in my entire life! That is great that he is not needing his medicine anymore. I hope his eczema eases up soon too!!

I wish my little ones would sleep through the night. I do not know what's keeping B up, I guess it is teething. She yells out in her sleep pretty often and then puts herself back to sleep, poor thing. Then K with her night terrors... I am so tired, lol!