Saturday, August 24, 2013

Crafts For Babies Under One!

Every Sunday we have a craft day! We started just before 8 months and have had such a super fun time!  It can be hard to find an easy, quick craft that little bubbas can do, ESPECIALLY if they have a short attention span.. but you're never too young for craft time! So I thought I would share some of our fabulous crafts and how to do them!

-Pasta Necklaces.
To die the pasta we put a handful of pasta in a zip lock bag, a tablespoon of vinegar and a couple of drops of food die. We got Jydan to shake the zip lock baggy and die the pasta! Some we had to double bag so he didn't get food die all over him - he can be rough ;).
After putting the pasta on some newspaper up high to dry for a couple of hours we put all the pasta in front of Jydan and got him to pick out the pasta's for mum to thread on the necklaces. Jydan probably had the most fun playing with the pasta!

-Finger Paint and Painters Tape.
I'm going to do this again soon, I want to do the painters tape neater. But I wrote his name with painters tape and then got Jydan to finger paint all on the paper. When it was dry, I took the painters tape off and this was the result. Super cute!

-Vegetable Paint.
Babies put EVERYTHING in their mouth so why not make paint they can actually eat?
Boil carrot for orange.
Beets or cranberries for red.
Lemon peels for yellow.
Blueberries for blue... ect ect
Boil them up really, really, really well and put them into containers.. yey!

-Paint Cookie Cutter Stamps.
With your favourite paint get your cookie cutters out and dip them in the paint.. Mummy needs to help with this one, but if you use the vegetable paint, it really doesn't matter. Teach bub how to stamp!

-Ice Cube Water Colours.
This was really fun! Pop some food die into ice cubes and freeze. After frozen, put them into a zip lock bag with some paper and get baby to shake it away. When you take the paper out of the zip back it's a water colour painting! I passed this onto a friend and she put some fabric in and then framed the fabric! So cute.
This is really good for those that have short attention spans. Was over and done with within about 5 minutes :).

Follow me for some more ideas on craft's for under one year olds x

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Nicole Stevens said...

That's awesome! Well done :-) childcare centres should even be able do some of these! Especially the ice cube one :-) what fun for Jydan! Luke is 3 now, but we could still do most of these too :-) Keep it up hun xox