Friday, August 9, 2013


I'm a bit of a freak, a nutcase really.. Jydan is not even 9 months and most of his party is organised..... I'm not joking. His outfit is made, theme has been picked, venue booked, date and time picked, food thought about, photo-shoot is booked, invites thought about, photo-shoot outfit made and even the nappy has been chosen!

I LOVE event planning - give me an event and I'm in my 'zone'! My wedding was DIY, I planned everything down to the personalised soaps! Jydan's naming day was planned before he was born, my birthdays are always planned. So I'm so glad I have an event in my hands that I can plan, plan, plan! And what a super fun event to plan :).

Jydan is having a VERY HUNGRY CATERPILLAR party and I'm super excited.

Here are some of the super fun things my little munchkin has planned!

This is his gorgeous outfit. The pants and top is for his party and the hat and tie is for his watermelon smash! It's all made and ready and waiting! Exciting! Isn't it gorgeous... Here's it on, yep, we've even tried it on!!

How effective does this look? Looks very easy to do too which is so me! And we don't have to cut up a cake, just pass around the cupcakes :).


Here are some super cute, easy, caterpillar, fun decorations I'm thinking about!


We are matching the food from the party to the very hungry caterpillar story! So each food that the caterpillar eats in the book, will be featured for the party food. It will also TELL the story on the food table. A bit like this:

Can't wait to plan some more!!

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