Thursday, August 15, 2013

My fall from motherhood...

Actually, my crash and burn from motherhood.
It all started at 5am.. And nothing good ever starts at 5am. Apparently that was when Jydan wanted to start his day today.

I tried everything for 2 hours before we actually got up. Rocking, patting, in my bed, panadol, bongela, cuddles, his comfort teddy, shhing, singing, daddy.. And he was still crying! The sun was rising quicker & quicker and he was becoming more awake! By 7am the house was as bright as the sun and Jydan heard his first words for the day f#\@?! Hell!! Mummy had failed 100 times already and it was only 7am!! No "good morning precious" this morning.
So we got up, had milk, breakfast, and I let Jydan wear himself on the floor while I snuggled on the couch with a blanket. I warned him that his first yarn meant bedtime... And I waited, ever so NOT patiently for a yarn. Or a sign of tiredness.
At 8am I found myself jumping for joy saying 'yeyeyey it's a yarn, bedtime' and we zoomed off back to bed. I was over the moon that we could get some sleep.
I can only apologise to my darling so many times for not being patient, understanding, and more loving.

Whatever the reason, I'm a Mum! On call! 24/7! And it's the best job in the world! I'll probably forget this again at 5am.. My brain doesn't function very well that early. But for now I admit that I failed this morning.


CharlieBeth Walker said...

That's not a fail, it's just a bad day. You're still a fab mum!

Jayme Holmes said...

Chin up doll!
we all have those slip ups it makes us human xo