Monday, September 9, 2013

Baby Eczema.


4 months old.
4 months old.
I often get asked how I keep Jydan's extreme eczema at bay. Majority of the time 90% of it's clear. Actually we don't usually have bad days with it anymore. When it first came out it was horrible, it was soo bad! After buying the whole chemist and supermarket out we finally found some products that helped! I thought I would share them with you. Keep in mind, we pretty much tried everything else.

Clear skin! 9 1/2
months old.


Jydan STILL reacts to QV wash but it's the wash he LEAST reacts to. We use this as a shampoo too because every other baby shampoo flares up his eczema.
QV gentle wash is part of the QV skincare range, it's available at chemists in Australia and was especially developed for the dermatology ward at the Queen Victorian Hospital!

The reason we use the home brand baby bath oil is because it has about 50 LESS chemicals then brand name baby bath oils! We use this when the eczema is very dry and needs some moisture. Especially after swimming or any activities that may flare it up. We use it once a week.
We did try a lot of natural oils before using bath oils, but natural oils are made from plants ect which course him to have outbreaks!

This is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal nappy rash cream so we put this on when it is really bad. Eczema can become bacterial very quickly because it mainly comes up in moist areas and you need to kill the bacteria before it will go away. So applying this for a few days will kill all the yuckiness out of it ready to heal!
When we first started swimming, I was SO worried about the chlorine irritating Jydan's eczema. So I researched it. It turns out that a small amount of pool time is really good for bad eczema! The chlorine, like resolve, kills the bacteria! I often find that Jydan's eczema is better after we go swimming. A small amount of chlorine water - no more then half hour at a time. Anything more will irritate it though.

For when the skin is really dry we use hydraderm. It has no chemicals or perfumes and is for sensitive skin. It's just a plain sorbolene cream .

When it's incredibly bad we need to use a 1% steroid cortisone three times a day and it clears it up really quick. The 0.5 is too weak for him but would be the right dose for many other babies. We only got the 1% on peads advice.
Hope that helps some bubbas!!


Jayme Holmes said...

Thank you for this post! I will be trying some of these products

Bob Nelson said...

My son does have eczema, but fortunately, it's never been in the diaper area. He's prone to a couple of patches on his back. We have a cream that helps. Please visit: Baby Eczema , Diabetic Cream