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Baby Jydan - 10 Months.

Nine Months:

While being babysat by nanny
My little boy is getting soo smart. He has learnt so much in the passed month it's been amazing to watch. My beautiful darling is growing up and learning and taking on the world. I just loving being home and molding his little mind. The plan was that I would return to work when Jydan turned one. But it's getting so close and I really, really don't want to. I applied for a couple of weekend job and maybe I'll apply for some night time positions but I don't want to miss out on Jydan through the day. For the first time yet I managed to leave him for more then an hour though, He stayed at my mums for three hours. At this time Jydan decided he was too cool for school... he wouldn't sleep. Like he literally woke every hour through the night. Turns out it was because we swept Jydan into a sleeping bag instead of blankets. Ugh! Who would have thought It took us weeks to figure out that of course my child is THAT picky, changing such a minor thing would muck up his whole sleep.. he's so picky about everything else! So we are finally getting more sleep and the bad habit is finally disappearing.. yey!
Jydan is going through a really shy faze. It's soo cute!! If a stranger looks at him, he'll look away. He has always done it every now and then and now it's all the time. He'll snuggle  right in and hide his face. soo cute!! He likes looking at strangers but once they make eye contact he hides.. and then he'll unhide.. and hide. Like a little game. So funny! Probably one of the biggest things I love about him at the moment!

Being funny this month.

 My little man has 4 teeth in 2 months.. not bad my little man!
He teeth's soo well. We don't knoe that he has cut a tooth until it's cut! and I check and and there's a little sharpy there!

Swimming is going really well. Well, as long as Jydan has his morning nap before hand! haha. Sometimes it makes him sooo tired and sooo crabby! But the other times he is really good at it, especially paddle and kicking. Paddle and kicking is probably his strongest and best part of his swimming lessons. And not being biased, he is probably the best paddle and kicker in his little group!
He is making friends at swimming now, it's really cute! And they're all about the same age. In the whole group they're all between 9 and 15 months :).
Jydan's Milestones:

Jydan is commando crawling really well now. I thought his little wormy caterpillar crawl was really cute so I'm sad that he gave that up lol.
Jydan is pulling himself up on everything now and starting to furniture walk. It's crazy! I can't believe he is doing that. I don't think it'll be long until he's walking. He took A step too. Of course towards the bath. haha!
He says about 16 or so words now, lets see if I can remember them all;
Hello, Mum, Dad, Bub, Mimi (Millie), More, Apple, Mmmm (Milk), Ta, Up, Down, Boooo (Book), Ball, What, no, Uh Oh..I think that's all. He makes lots of noises too. The other day I said brum brum car and he said it too.
Jydan has been having alot of finger food lately. He is more interested in feeding himself, so lots of chunks and food he can feed himself. He is doing sooo well with it!
Jydan now drinks out a pop top. He kept stealing my pop top water bottle so I bought him a kiddies one, and he's a pro with it!
Jydan absalutely loooves doing puzzles and is getting the hand of them. He can pull all the pieces out himself and tries to put them back in, but they don't fit. He is learning.
We had to give Jydan a bit of reflux medicine this month, probably a whole week out of the month. But other then that, nothing! Not even a little vomit! Yey!

Eczema hasn't been tooo bad. A couple of outbreaks but nothing too serious. We seem to be fairly on top of it these days.

Jydan had a fairly bad month for sleep. What we thought was a simple 9 month sleep regression or a bit of a gurgly stomach turns out Mr fussy pots was soo irritated by a sleeping bag. Because he was crawling all around his cot, we changed him into a sleeping bag instead of blankets. He hated it and started waking every hour through the night. By the time we realised that that was the cause he was already in the habit of waking every hour! Gosh! Now we've changed him back to blankets he has gone down to waking 2-3 times a night. Which is alot better then about 12! ;). Hopefully things keep improving :).

Sunday Craft Days:

To be honest, we've only done two craft days this month! We have been so busy! But the two weeks we did do craft, it was so fun!
My favourite one was probably the paint stamping! Make sure you tune in for my craft for babies posts to see what crafts we've been up to :)

Health Clinic Appointment:
We haven't got to the health clinic this month, it's been really bad weather and raining and I don't want to be walking in the rain. But I'll get onto it soon.

Paediatrician Appointment:
We had a paeds appointment and Jydan is doing sooo well with his growing. I'm so proud. So much so that I cancelled his future dietition appointments. :). He still requires his iron and Vit D liquids but We are hoping that hell be off them soon. He has follow up blood tests in about 2 months.

Jydan is about 8.4 kilos now, which is 18.5 pounds. He is growing really well now. I'm so proud! It's taking alot of hard work to get him to grow so it makes me ubbbber proud. He is fitting into size 0's now (6-12 month clothing) but still some 00's. It's mainly pants that are 0's. He is fairly tall for his weight.
Jydan has the most gorgeous face expressions. He can tell a whole story with his face. It's gorgeous.

It's been raining fairly bad at the moment so Jydan has only been in cloth nappies for about 80 or so percent of the time so I can catch up on washing. During the night and on Wednesdays he is in disposables. Gee, I can't believe how much disposables we go through in just that time. It's been hard trying to find a disposable that doesn't leak too. Jydan is a very heavy wetter, cloth are definately best for him.
He is now in medium cloth nappies and crawler disposables. Last month he was in small cloth and infant (one size up from newborn) sposies.

Jydan's Likes/Dislikes:

Jydan absolutely loves his little teddy called Fred. He can't sleep without him and we oftern can't go out without him. If Jydan is a bit grizzly. Fred always fixes him. It's almost like a dummy! haha.
Jydan loooves standing up and trying to walk. It's his favourite thing to do. And now we can leave him standing holding onto things it makes things so much easier.
At the moment, Jydan is hating going to sleep!! After crawling around the cot, pulling himself up and down and having a sook. He won't just go to sleep anymore!
There's a TV show called 'chuggington' he ADORE's it!! We don't let him watch much TV but we let him watch this. It's about trains, kinda a modern version of Thomas the Tank Engine. We had the TV on one morning while I had a lay-in and realised how much he loved it! and that was it!


We are still breastfeeding!!! YEY! I'm so proud! Jydan has about 4-5 feeds a day. He also has about 4 solid meals a day. Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon Tea and Dinner. We are doing more baby led-weaning these days but some meals we do pureed, especially breakfast so he can get more into him. His favourite food is rice rusks. He absalutely loves them.  

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Camille said...

Aww, he's getting so big! Can't believe he has such a big vocabulary. I know I always say that but I just think he is a little genius!! Glad his health issues have been improving. :) My older daughter is still struggling with being underweight so I know how it can become a constant worry to get them to eat more. I try not to make too big of a deal about it because it just makes things tense and she will just end up eating less when she feels that stress.