Friday, November 29, 2013

12-18 Month Must Haves.

I love writting these must have posts!! These are my favourite 12-18 month old things.Check out my 0-6 month, 6-9 month  and 9-12 month must have posts :)

- Smock Bibs

I need to get more of these smock bibs! They are fantastic because 12-18 month olds are eating so much finger food, and they're messy messy messy little beasts!! 

- Cozy Coupe (or alike)

It's time to get out the toddler toys! We have the 'or alike' (a tractor) and we love it! Such cool fun!

- Trike.

I soo wish we had this trike!! A smart trike is such a great idea! However we just have a normal trike, which is super cool anyway. Such a fun alternative to a pram when it's short trips! 

- Plastic balls.

I recommend these plastic balls because they can go in anything and everything to make it more fun. We bought Jydan a jumpoline and filled it with balls. Also great for clams, pools in winter, play pens or just to play with anyway!

-Ride On Car

Such a fun independent play idea. We've all grown up with ride on cars! Every kiddo loves them.

- Pull along Toys.
This is the time when children's imagination really grow. I've watched Jydan pull along toys all around the house 'playing' with it, so hilarious and keeps him entertained for ages!

-Building or Stacking Toys.

So many games can be made from building and stacking toys! And if your toddlers are anything like mine, there favourite thing is pushing them over! Probably my favourite thing to play with him too. Mumma stacks and bubba knocks down!

-High Chair Booster Seat.

These are so handy when you're travelling out and about to eat. My son is so chuffed when he gets to sit at the bit person table with his booster seat too. Great to start to introduce them to sitting at the table!


Camille Griffiths said...

I am adding some of these to my Christmas list!! We have the Cozy Coupe and Ride-on car, my girls love them.

Julia Anderson said...

I really want to try those smock bibs. I have heard great things about them. I usually just take my son's shirt off because he will not keep a bib on, but maybe these will work for us. I'm thinking about switching to a booster seat too soon, or at at least adding it so he can use when he wants. Great list! Thanks for sharing!