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Birth Story - Fyn Anthony

When Jydan was about to turn 6 months I sent out a Breastfeeding Guest Post Call Out to celebrate and spent a couple of weeks sharing people breastfeeding posts until Jydan turned 6 months.

Jydan is about to ONE!

Until Jydan turns thirteen months I want to share birth stories, to celebrate his birthday!

Email me at harleymcocks@gmail.com if you want to guest post :)

You can read Jydan's birth story here:

Birth Story -Baby Jydan

A few weeks back Jamee guest blogged about her daughters DDH Journey. If you missed it, you should definitely take a look.
Jamee also just shared her birth story of her first son, Eli Harrison.
Here is her birth story about her second son - which is one of my favourite birth stories ever!

Here's Jamee's birth story about Fyn Anthony:
Home birth.
Not something I had heard much about or ever really considered even considering.
My first labour was 15 hours long and even then only ended with the aid of suction.
I had been beginning to fear that my labour with Fyn would never eventuate so the week leading up to my due date was a long week of long walks, sitting on and bouncing on my exercise ball endlessly, inserting and ingesting evening primrose oil tablets, drinking raspberry leaf tea by the gallon and even having sex! On the 22nd (the day before my due date) I braved the dreaded castor oil!
Castor oil was thick and foul and tasted like nothing I can describe.
At 12 am the morning of my due date the 23rd of July I went to bed thinking that I was yet again doomed to another day of the torments of late pregnancy.
At 5 past 12 I woke up with the most intense pressure down below. Knowing my lovely next door neighbour Luke was still awake I texted him to come keep me company until such time I felt I should wake my blissfully sleeping husband.
I didn’t believe that would be for some time yet as far as my last labour was concerned.
As of 10 or 15 past 12 my contractions had started.
And started fast and extreme. Unlike with Eli these pains were only in my lower belly right down low and right at the front.
These were shockers! Worse, I believe, than any of the pain with Eli and so close together so early! Right from the start they were 1 minute apart dropping me to my knees with every wave of contraction.
I woke Nic up and he made me a cup of coffee and we debated whether or not to go to the hospital right now. Luke (my next door neighbour) suggested not having the bath I had asked Nic to run for me and rather, to call the ambulance . When Nic resurfaced from running the bath I hit the floor , incapacitated by yet another contraction.
“Nic call the ambulance”
His reply was something about whether or not I should wait and have a bath first
“Don’t fucking question me right now” I directed eloquently and with so much class as usual!
At this point I had a very strong urge to either poo or wee, either way I was busting and Needed to go! I told Nic and the 000 lady instructed Nic not to let me go at any cost, which of course infuriated me further.
“I just need to Fucking Poo”
Nic on guidance from the 000 lady made me lie down on the bedroom floor to which I begrudgingly complied with and with that motion my waters broke and gushed out on another contraction.
I cannot exactly remember what was being said at this point but Bec ( my best friend) said she came running down from the toilet desperately trying to get her pants up as Nic mentioned his wife’s waters broke on the phone
I really felt the urge to push now and went with it as another contraction surged on.
My body was a powerhouse, it just took control. I can remember being surprised above all the pain at how well my body was dealing with this.
Then Fyn was crowning! I felt his head and remember having thought after horrible nasty thought running through my mind.
My baby was coming out dead.
This was so wrong.
Something bad is happening.
There’s no way either Fyn nor I would be ok.
I was so scared and in so much pain.
Nic was wonderful, he held his head so calmly and so completely, delegating tasks to both Bec and Luke with such a take charge attitude not usually typical of his personality.
This is where the 000 lady told Nic to apply pressure to Fyn’s head so he wouldn’t come out too fast. The little poppet was miraculously facing the right way, head down facing inwards and as soon as Nic released a bit of pressure on Fyn’s head, the most horrific contraction I have ever felt arched my body, made me holler like a stuck pig and out came his body
He was crying!
He was pink!
He was breathing!

Still attached to the chord Nic placed Fyn on my chest and we waited the 20 minutes until the ambulance arrived.
Looking back at our telephone records, from the time Nic rang 000 to the time Fyn was born was 13 minutes flat! He definitely was in a rush

Bec and Luke did wonderfully working as a little team assisting Nic so he didn’t have to worry about anything but what was happening down the business end!
The ambulance arrived 20 minutes after Fyn Anthony entered the world and they were lovely, sped all the way to John Hunter, making it there in 45 minutes flat even including the occasional stops for hardcore contractions as I still hadn’t passed the placenta.
I felt great being wheeled into the hospital on the stretcher hearing other ladies in birthing rooms screaming with agony. I’m sure I had a smug smile on my face.
“Ner ner all my hardwork is done and dusted Ner Ner” piped the antagonist in my head.
I was sewn up by doctors, finally having some gas as they kept pricking me in places the local hadn’t numbed.
I’d  apparently gone into shock after Fyn was born, shaking something fierce and unable to control it. But by this point almost all the pain had subsided and I had passed the placenta with the help of a shot of sintocin at 230. It took me a whole hour and a half to birth the placenta! – longer than it took to birth my son!
They checked me out and did a thorough check on my tiny little bundle and told Nic and I we were perfectly fine and able to leave when we wanted.

I’d spent 5 hours at John Hunter and that was enough. I firmly believed I’d rest better at home without the sound of other women screaming ringing through my ears, personally, labour was too fresh in my mind to be able to deal with that.
We made it home just as Eli was having breakfast which was perfect timing because for him it would have only had been like mummy and daddy had slept in and come out with a baby!

I am truly blessed and so completely happy to have my husband and two healthy little boys surrounding me.
Our family is complete.

Jamee's husbands call to the ambulance officer was recorded and two months later Jamee and her husband met the officer on the other end, captured by sunrise. Here you can watch it!! So Amazing!

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