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Birth Story - Tyler Chaise.

When Jydan was about to turn 6 months I sent out a Breastfeeding Guest Post Call Out to celebrate and spent a couple of weeks sharing people breastfeeding posts until Jydan turned 6 months.

Jydan is about to ONE!

Until Jydan turns thirteen months I want to share birth stories, to celebrate his birthday!

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You can read Jydan's birth story here:

Birth Story -Baby Jydan

This is one of my beautiful friends, Sarah, birth story of her second born, Tyler Chaise. This story means alot to me because Sarah and I were pregnant at the same time and had our two boys, two days apart! I was actually induced the same day Tyler was born! Anyway, I love this little boy dearly

Tyler Chaise :

This pregnancy was so much harder than the pregnancy I had with Lily, so it was no secret that I wanted it to be over sooner rather than later. I started taking Raspberry Leaf tablets and Primrose oil casuals to try and get everything ready for labour and birth.

I had a midwife appointment at 38 weeks 5 days pregnant on Tuesday 6th of November and was hoping that Fiona could do a stretch and sweep to get things moving along as I was just so sick of being in pain with my hips and pelvis and not being able to sleep because of it. Fiona checked my blood pressure, bub heart beat and also my fundamental height which all was spot on. I asked her if it was possible to do a stretch and sweep as she had mentioned it at our 36 week home visit. I think she had forgotten because she looked around and couldn't find any gloves or gear to do it! She eventually found some gloves etc and said sure let's do one. It hurt so bad! She said I was around 2cm dilated already which can be normal with your second bub. After the stretch and sweep I had a little bleeding and a few tummy pains but nothing came from them and they went away.
On Saturday 10th I thought right, that's it, I need this baby out! So I looked up the acupressure points to induce labour and massaged them and massaged and then massaged some more. I also did a lot of nipple stimulation too, I was super keen!
On Sunday 11th I woke up at 6:30am to a tiny wet patch on my underwear. Thinking how strange it was I got up to go to the toilet and felt a lot of liquid coming out that defiantly wasn't me weeing haha.
I rang PAC (Pregnancy Assesment Center) at 7:00am to let them know I thought my waters had broken but I wasn't having any contractions and they said to stay at home for now and they would ring my midwife, Fiona to let her know what was going on.
Ross and I were planning on taking Lily to the Brighton Show on this day, so we figured seeing as I wasn't having any contractions yet and felt ok we would still take her. Boy that was fun, walking around the show with waters leaking everywhere. I stopped by a toilet every 15 minutes! On our way back from the show I got a phone call from Fiona at about 11:15am. She said if contractions didn't start on their own within 24hrs of my waters breaking then I would have to go in so they could put me on a drip or try something else to get labour started and just for me to stay very hydrated and rested. 2:00pm came along and we put Lily down for a nap and decided we might try and get one too just in case. Just as we were going to lay down Fiona phoned and said that she would like me to come in at 4pm that day just to have some monitoring done. I still had no pains at this point. We laid in bed and bub started to get the hiccups, I said to Ross how weird they felt, different, must of been because my waters had broke. Then just after I said that at 2:50pm I got a little pain in my tummy. So we got out of bed and started packing Lily's bag ready to take her to Mums so we could go into the hospital for monitoring and I had another pain at 2:59pm, 9 minutes apart. We packed ourselves in the car as well as mine and bubs bag, just in case we were going to be staying in there. On the way to Mums I had another which was about 8 minutes apart. We gave Lily loads of kisses and left for the hospital. On the way in I had 2-3 more contractions each about 8-9 minutes apart still.
We parked the car then made our way to the hospital. When we got to PAC (Pregnancy Assessment Center) at 4pm, Fiona met us and showed us to a bed and hooked me up to the monitor, took my blood pressure and temp and all looked ok. It was showing on the monitor that I was in fact having regular contractions which made it all the more real that we would be meeting our gorgeous baby boy soon enough! Fiona discussed with us about what to do and we all decided because we live 30 minutes from the hospital and it was quiet at the time that we would stay in there and wait it out. 5:00pm my stomach was rumbling pretty bad so Ross asked if we could go for a walk in the mall to get something to eat. So off we went whilst Fiona organised a room for us. I remember so many contractions on the way to the mall. Also a toilet stop because I was still leaking waters everywhere! We decided to get subway for dinner which was soo yummy! After that and a few more contractions and people staring at us we walked back to the car park to gather mine and bubs bag ready for our short stay in hospital.

At 5:25pm and back at hospital in our birthing suite my contractions were now 5 minutes apart and each lasted for about 1 minute. They were bearable and I could just breathe them off. Fiona would stand near me as I lent on the bed with each contraction and tell me to take big deep breathes, just to think of each contraction as getting to the top of the hill, and breathing back down the other side of the peak. It really helped having her there to remind me to breathe. Fiona mentioned that a shower might help me, but I decided I would save that for later when things REALLY got bad. She showed Ross some ways he could help with back massage. That helped at times, and other times it was just horrible so I would shake my head for him to stop. I remember seeing Fiona set up the room for a new bubby. It made me nervous to think he would be here soon. We were hoping he would be there that night making his birth date 11/11/12, but he sure had other plans. As each contraction came they were getting stronger and stronger. The pain was in my back as well as my tummy because bub was facing the wrong way. So I would try to lean over as much as I could to try and get him into the right position. I tried laying down, on all fours, leaning over the bed. I was just getting so exhausted and needed to sit but every time I did it hurt so much more. My legs were so tired from standing and the pain was getting to be so bad so Fiona suggested the shower. I stripped down and hopped into the shower with Ross pulling up a chair in the bathroom to be with me. Fiona was in and out of the room setting things up and having a break etc. When she came into the room and heard me having a contraction she would come into the bathroom and sit and help me to remember to breathe. I would breathe so deeply that it felt like the air was my happy gas, it really did help me through the pain. I was getting to the point where I was thinking I wanted an epidural so I asked Fiona if she could check me to see how far I was dilated. After Lily's birth I had decided I didn't want any other pain meds apart from epidural. Gas made me feel dizzy and sick as, and in the end I wanted the pain away, so epidural was my only option. 10:00pm I got up onto the bed, with great difficulty and waited out a contraction so Fiona could check me. She found I was in active labour and was 4cm dilated. This disappointed me as I really thought I would be at least 6-7cm. So I decided then and there I wanted an epidural. She said we would have to wait around 45 minutes for the epidural Dr to come and we would have to move rooms into a delivery suite instead of the birthing suite we were in. Fiona bought in a wheel chair for me which I refused as I did not want to sit down as the pain when sitting was unbearable! So off we walked to the delivery suite. On the way I had a couple of contractions and had to stop and breathe and moan them away. I was afraid I was scaring the other pregnant ladies on the ward.
When we got into the room there was a midwife there ready to put a cannula in my arm for fluids etc. I had to get into a hospital gown and lean on the bed so she could put it in. On her first go she blew up one of my veins which hurt so bad. She decided to wait for a more experienced midwife to do it as my veins weren't easy. Once that was in the epidural Dr came in and set everything up. He was going through the side effects and how the epidural worked etc and I remember holding up my hand whilst I buried my head having a contraction, then once it had gone I lifted my head and told him to keep going. I sat up on the bed and lent over some pillows to allow my spine to open up for the epidural. It was so hard to keep still during contractions whilst he gave me a local in the back to numb it all. He put the epidural needle in and my leg had a huge spasm, it actually hurt. That worried me so much but he assured me it was all normal. It was 11pm and the epidural was all in and Fiona and the epidural Dr were sticking tape all over my back to make sure the epidural stayed in place. I was hooked up to blood pressure machine and a heart rate and contraction monitor for bub. It was a relief when the epidural kicked in, not long after this they put in a catheter. I could relax, and Ross had a nap on the recliner near me. I was still getting fairly bad hip pain though so asked to have the epidural upped. At 12:12am they upped it for me and my whole body started to get extremely itchy! I put up with it for a few minutes before mentioning it to Fiona. She said it was one of the side effects on the epidural and went to get some medication for it. She was gone for about 20 minutes and in that time it had settled. Poor Fiona was getting so exhausted and it was getting to the point where she was debating about whether to call in another midwife or not as she didn't want to be tired if things got difficult and she needed to be 100% on the job. 12:45am Fiona said we would do an internal, after doing one she found me to be 6-7cm, closer to 7. The pain in my hips was getting bad again so I got another dose of epidural and it soon calmed down. I was feeling peckish so Fiona went to find me a sandwich. So at 1:30am I was eating a cheese sandwich haha. I could sort of feel each contraction coming, but not at the same time. It was sort of a pulling in my stomach. I could move one leg easily but not the other it was a weird feeling. They told us that now days with epidurals they don't put it up to the highest dose, they keep it so the pain is gone yet I still have feeling, so that when the pushing stage comes I am able to feel enough to push properly. Fiona finally gave in to her tiredness and asked if we minded if she went home and we had another midwife who was male and we had never met before. I said to her that was fine, and thanked her so many times for her care for us throughout pregnancy and labour. At 2:45am I seen Kathy walking through the door. Kathy was our back up midwife who we had met before and I was so hoping she would be the one to deliver bub and not Fiona. I just had a feeling of more closeness to Kathy than Fiona. She was in for another woman who was in false labour so got sent home. The gods were on our side that's for sure. Ross woke just for a few minutes and I explained to him that Fiona went home and Kathy was going to be looking after us, he nodded back off to sleep, poor pet hehe. Kathy decided we would do an internal and see how things were travelling along. At 5:00am I was 8cm dilated, things were going slower than I had hoped. Bub had his head against his shoulders and was no where near where it should be to come down the birth canal. Kathy went to get a Dr to check me to see what she thought. I heard talk of a c-section which scared the crap out of me. They thought at first bubs head was too big to fit through the birth canal. Thank god this wasn't the case, was just him being naughty with his head position. The Dr suggested putting me on a drip to try and get things to travel a little faster which in turn would help bubs head get into position. So at 5:20am the drip went in and it was a waiting game then. Each time I would have a contraction bubs heart rate went down to 70bpm. Each time we heard it go down I would look at Kathy really concerned and I would see her looking at the monitor. It really scared me so I mentioned it to her and she said she wasn't too worried as his heart rate was recovering and coming back up to about 140bpm each time. In between people coming in and out I would have a chat to Kathy and also try and get a little shut eye as I hadn't gotten much sleep for a while before going into labour. It got to about 6:00am and I was feeling pressure in my bottom region. I mentioned it to Kathy and she thought I may be ready to push. She went to look for the Dr and came back. The Dr would be about half an hour before she could get to see us, Kathy said that that extra time would allow bub to come down the birth canal more and for everything to be that little bit more ready for the pushing stage. As each contraction came I still had that pressure feeling. 6:50am the Dr came in and they did an internal to find I was fully dilated and ready to push! This news made my eyes water with excitement! Ross quickly jumped to my side after resting on the recliner and we were ready to go! I grabbed my non numb leg and Ross grabbed my left which I could not move at all and we held them up tight, I put my chin to my chest and gave a few almighty pushes. Kathy was now joined by another midwife, I think her name was Janine? After about 15 minutes of pushing bubs head was slowly coming and they could see part of his head really well. I asked them if I could have a mirror to see him coming so Janine went and got the big mirror and put down the end of the bed, she had to adjust it a bit so I could see. Once I seen and it was time to start pushing again I told her to quickly move the mirror, I didn't want to see a thing anymore haha. But I was so glad to see his head there. I remember telling Kathy to make sure she lets me know when to do little pushes so I didn't split my bits, she laughed at me and told me she would defiantly tell me when we are at that point. Kathy and Janine were then talking about giving me an episiotomy as bubs head just wasn't getting past that point it needed to. They told me to give a few almighty pushes then we would see how things were going. So off I went, I had never pushed so hard for something in my whole life, I felt like my head was going to explode! And then at that moment Kathy told me little pushes, little pushes. So I did tiny little ones then felt a pop and his head was out! Kathy then said, "Oh that explains the heart rate drop". His cord was wrapped around his neck! They were able to quickly get it off his neck and I was able to push the rest of his body out. That feeling of the pressure just going, and Janine putting him onto my chest was just amazing. I kept repeating, I did it, we did it, he is here, I did it! He was so white, and slimey, they double checked to make sure he was indeed a boy. He was pure perfection. He had a lovely head of hair, and was just amazing. I remember looking at Ross, and Ross looking at me and we both had watery eyes, I was crying! Bubby didn't cry for a while which scared me, but after a rub with the towel he let out a big cry. They put tags on him, and a little white hat. It took a while for him to gain his pink colour, but he got there. He was born at 7:12am, after only 20 minutes of pushing to get him into the world.

Whilst we were having skin to skin cuddles and he was making his way to my breast Kathy was delivering the placenta and checking for damage. Janine gave me the shot to help the placenta come in my left leg so I couldn't feel it as that was my dead leg hehe. Kathy found I didn't tear at all, not even along my old episiotomy scar! But I did have 3-4 grazes, 2 of which were fairly bad and it was being discussed whether they needed stitches or not, they decided to leave them. Kathy and Janine asked what his name would be, and Ross and I looked at each other and both said Tyler. After about an hour and a half skin and feeding time they took Tyler to do his checks and get him dressed. Ross went with him, it was only next to my bed. I was feeling so exhausted and I remember closing my eyes, so Ross was in charge then listening to Janine check Tyler over. I remember her saying one of his testies wasn't down but that would come in time, which it did by his 4 week check up. Other than that he was perfect and had a clean bill of health. He weighed in at 2970g (6 pound 9oz), length was 52.5cm and head circumference was 35.5cm. He was 70g heavier than his sister at birth. We really expected a bigger bubby, but am glad he was a tiny little man, he stayed a "newborn" for longer.
After dozing in and out it was time to try and get up to have a shower. It took a few attempts at falling and being jelly like on my legs but I got to the shower and cleaned up which felt amazing. Ross had to be there with me the whole time to help me walk. I was still uneasy on my feet. After some lunch and packing up our gear we were on our way home just 8 hours after Tyler's birth. Neither of us could sleep and we just wanted to get back into our own lifestyle. Tyler was perfect, and I was fine so why not. I am so glad we did too. On our way home we stopped at Maccas to get my first Sundae after having him, it was soooo yummy!
Lily met Tyler the next day and it was love at first sight with those two. She loves to cuddle him, and kiss him and read stories and sing to him too. It melts my heart.
Recovery this time I have to say was so much harder than it was with Lily. My grazes hurt for three weeks, the after pains were soo bad I was in tears, and my whole body hurt from head to toe. The first week was the worst, I was thinking it was never going to end and I would feel like that forever.
Tyler is a great baby, he rarely cries, and if he does it's because he has some trapped wind or is over tired. He fed from 1-3hrs in the first 3 weeks and now 4-5 weeks he feeds 3-5hrs. He loves baths and showers, loves booby of course, loves his big sister to bits and seems to have the most gorgeous personality already. He gave his first smiles at 3 weeks and 5 days :D And has not stopped since.

We love our most newest and last addition to our family and can not wait to grow with you little man.


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