Monday, November 18, 2013

Jydan's First Birthday (day)

Jydan turned ONE on the 14th of November - I can't believe the day has passed and he's ONE!!!

On his actual birthday we woke up at 6, someone was obviously uber excited. We got him to crawl in the lounge which was filled with balloons and his jumping castle and his presents. He loooved the balloons, and then the jumping castle which was full of plastic balls.

 He didn't care for his presents a whole lot. After unwrapping the first one (a pool) he was over it, haha! Until we opened a bubble wand. He loooved it! I think that's his favourite present.. and the cheapest, always the way ;)

After opening the presents Jydan wanted a nap, which is really unusual for him, he was so exhausted from all his playing!

Sporting his birthday top done by me!

We went off to music when he woke up where he met up with two friends of his (his god mothers boys) Chance & Jax. He loves music.

After music it was nap time AGAIN! Funny little thing. This was suppose to be time we were going to go look at trains but he was too tired. So we went for a drive and got chips (his favourite food at the moment) for lunch, parked at a park and had lunch.

We went back home for a play and got organised for our BBQ dinner and finished his birthday chuggington cake (while I burnt 2 batch's of brownies and a pav)... not long after... Jydan had another nap!!!

The BBQ dinner went really well, my parents, sister and brothers and my cousin came. That's all the family we have locally. But it's nice. Jydan got very spoilt and we had a lovely night. He got some books, toy cars, an art easle, craft supplies,  slide and a sandpit.

He had fun on the swing, and playing with my brothers, cuddling everyone and having his first mini ride on the back of my dads motor bike!

It was super windy and cold though, and we ended up having to light the candle on the cake in the car! Jydan had a teeny bit of his cake, he wouldn't eat much at all.. He did the same at his party too!

We got home around 8.30, which wasn't too bad and he coped pretty good for going to bed late.

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rebecca said...

Oh my! He had such a wonderful birthday it looked like. I can see why he kept getting worn out :)
He's so precious. My little guy just turned one on the 8th. I posted about it as well: