Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas 2013


(Sorry I'm a day late)

Christmas was so fun this year! We all had the best time and all got really spoilt.. especially Jydan! Ugh! I really DO need a bigger place now!!! So we had a roast lunch at my Dad's with the family and then a roast picnic dinner at a park with my Mum and the family.
That night we kept Jydan up until about 9.30 because I didn't want the day to end!
Our picnic ended with me getting pushed into a water fountain and doing cartwheels on the grass.. was very fun!
Hope your Christmas was as magical as ours.
 Here are some of my favourite photos from the day (and day before!)
Jydan Opening his
Christmas PJ's for the
Love his face!

Our matching jammies!
All the presents!!
Opening presents! (Note his eyes!!)

Jydan's Christmas nappy 'Let's get our jingle on'

Jydan's top ' Dear Santa, other than the reflux thing
I was good'
Mummy and bubba.

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Camille Griffiths said...

Adorable pics! Glad you all had a happy Christmas!