Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Traditions..

Our Christmas Traditions...

Probably the best thing about having a new family is starting new traditions!!

We have decided that in our family Santa will play a part in our family. While Mummy and Daddy buys the presents, Santa wraps the presents and delivers them.

I couldn't find a Santa tradition that I felt was perfect for our family. I wanted our children to know that we paid for the presents to give them an understanding that you don't get anything and everything they like, but I still wanted Santa. This is what my Nan did with her children!
Santa Photos:
Every year we will get a photo of our children with Santa done at Myer.
I loved looking back at last years Santa photo and this years and seeing how much our little man has grown. I can't wait to watch our whole family grow through our Santa photos.

We have our personalised stockings hanging that we have filled with small presents and lollies and chocolates. (Jydan's stocking has organic apple & carrot mini rice cakes and toys).

Stockings were probably the best thing about Christmas Day growing up. My parents would fill them the night before Christmas and the goodies inside would last us for months!!

We have matching pajamas to wear for when Santa comes.

Last Easter we decided to do the Pajama tradition when we found out Jydan was lactose intolerant. So we started having pajama's instead of some chocolates. We thought we might as well do it for Christmas too.

Carols by Candlelight:
Carols is held about 10 days before Christmas, and we love going!

Tim & I's first date was at the Carols by Candlelight, 6 years ago!! So we go every year to celebrate, this will be our 7th carols.

Christmas Light Driving:
There are so many beautiful houses completely lit up by Christmas lights and we love driving around looking at them. There's often dressed up Santa's handing out lollies too.

I did this growing up and LOVED it. And when Tim & I got together we did this every year too. Can't wait to see Jydan's face!


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