Monday, December 16, 2013

Jydan - 13 Months.

Age: 13 Months
Weight: 8.4 Kilos
Height: 74 cm
-Still learning to walk.
-Animal sounds.
-New words all the time.
-A couple of new words. (approx just under 40 words)
-Learnt and started acknowledging 'uh uh'.
-Walks holding one finger.
-Understands simple instructions.
-Putting two words together.
Teeth: 6 (.5)
And he has just cut his top left canine a few days ago but I'm waiting to count that in case it goes back down!!
Favourite Word/Sentences:
- Uh Uh
Favourite Book: 
Very Hungry Caterpillar Finger Puppet Book.
Favourite Toy: Bubble wand. 
Favourite Food: Grapes.
Best Memory Of This Month: 
His first birthday party!! Going to his friends first birthdays and the Christmas parade.
Child Health Nurse Appointment: (tomorrow)
Doctors Appointment: 

Jydan had his 12 month immunisations at the doctor surgery this month. He did really well again, as he always does!
Paediatrician Appointment: (hopefully next week)
Dietitian Appointment: (hopefully soon)
Speech Therapy Appointment:

Jydan now sees a speech therapist because of his eating. He doesn't like to eat and he definitely doesn't like to let a spoon near his mouth. After going to his therapist appointment they think it's all linked to his reflux and that he has an aversion to food because he has associated that with reflux pain!
Occupational Therapy Appointment:Jydan also saw an OT and will be going back to see them in a couple months time. Really this appointment was to see if the reason Jydan doesn't eat was a sensory issue. They are still unsure at the moment so we are leaving that for a couple of months. However, in the mean time they noticed they way Jydan sits.

So Jydan sits on his knees with his feet turned out. We just thought it was cute and funny, actually we didn't think tooo much of it. but apparently it could mean that he has low core strength and it can put pressure on his feet and can cause him to be flat footed. Also because he sits like this we have to keep an eye out on how he walks! (Which they said he is walked great on his feet at the moment).
So we just have to gently move them in front of him, and teach him to do so.

What an eye opener this month has been with all his appointments! Last month Jydan had soo many tests done on his poor little body, it was heartbreaking. To see if he had anything wrong with his gut, as to why he is loosing weight. He was tested for cystic fibrosis and cyliac disease. And blood tests. Thank God it was all clear! Seems it's just that he isn't eating enough (which he doesn't!). Just his iron was still low.
He is going a little better with his eating which is fantastic!

So now THIS month had eating and sensory occupational therapy appointments!

Sometimes I really want to push everything aside. If it's not his weight, it's his eating, or it's his head, or it's low nutrition, or it's blood tests, now it's sensory issues!! It can get so overwhelming and I just want to cancel all the appointments and forget everything. I feel like we're always hitting a wall. Last month I was worried Jydan had cystic fybrosis, this month i'm worried he has sensory processing disorder! On top of that he has loads of allergies and bad eczema as well as head growth problems. Sometimes I just cry about it all because I feel like it's too much for me to handle. Big fat sigh!!!!

Putting all that aside, Jydan is such a ray of sunshine. He is sooo intelligent and switched on. He talks better then any baby I know his age. He loves to play all day and figure things out. He likes to tinker and explore and pull things apart. He loves going around with his plastic hammer and wacking everything and pushing his toy cars around saying 'brrruummm'. He loves bubbles most of all but often gets confused and calls them 'boobies'. So hilarious when he says 'more more boobies!'

He can destroy a clean house within seconds, and rips up any paper he can find. He will smother all his food everywhere and on anything near his highchair and he has just started pushing his food off the tray, on to the floor. He loves splashing in water, pulling the grass out of the ground and playing in dirt. He is such a boy, and I love it!

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Camille Griffiths said...

He is so cute, as always!! Can't believe how fast he's growing up. And OMG, did you say 40 words???? He is seriously such a little genius!

I hope his health concerns get better soon! I know it's rough dealing with health issues, my kids have their share to (mainly Kay). It's easy to get stressed out, but it looks like you're not letting it cloud your joy in parenting so that's good. I struggle with that myself.