Saturday, December 28, 2013

Push Present.

Did you partners buy you a PUSH PRESENT?
Mine didn't! So I told him I want two for the next one, and I'm making him read this post to make it loud and clear about all the ideas I want!

Push Present: A gift from the father/second mother of the child to the mother of the child as an appreciative thank you for going through 9 months of pregnancy, labour and delivery to give them a child. A reminder that they really do appreciate what you've gone through/done to have the baby.
A nice reminder too, when your child is screaming all night, that you can look at something and be reminded that you are appreciated.

When Jydan had bad reflux and I was getting three hours of broken sleep a night and non stop screaming all day, and loads of vomiting washing and poop explosions to clean up, I must say, it would have been really nice to have a little 'thank you' gift.. but nope.. I didn't even get flowers!! He filled me jug up with water and ice a few times, that was nice of him, since I just had major surgery and couldn't move. ;).
Should I have expected them?
Well I must say, I was pre occupied. It hasn't occurred to me till now, 13 months later... now I'm like, hang on a minute?
Yes, the child is the MOST precious gift.. but the child is hard yakka! As bad as it sounds, I would have like that 'you did such a wonderful job' present.

So, Tim, if you're reading, here is my push present wish list ;)

Massage -

Postnatel massage, uhh! Bliss! and time to myself. Don't forget Tim that I need double the time, two hours ;). I just may sleep through it, lol.

Birth Stone Bracelet -

Gorgeous bracelets filled with birth stones. I love this. This is probably on the top of my wish list.

Guess Watch -

I really want a guess watch! I've wanted one for ages.. pretty good opportunity for me to get one I think ;)

Eternity Ring -

I LOOOVE this eternity ring! It's perfect! We are doing the whole eternity thing when we have been together for 5 years, but if we change our minds or I give birth close enough to 5 years, this could be a combined anniversary/birth gift ;)

Birth Stone Earrings -

Love this idea and they look so divine!! Definitely on my wish list.

Peter Alexander Pajamas -

I adore peter alexander!! They are the best pajamas. I spend alot of time after birth in my PJ's but still want to look half respectable when all the visitors come, so comfy cute PA PJ's plllease!! I'll need about 5 sets too please ;)

Cleaner -

I think I would appreciate a cleaner above ANYTHING!! A cleaner to come every 3 or so days so I can enjoy my little darling more with stressing. Things piled up so much with Jydan, I would love to not have that stress.

Did you get anything as a push present? What are some other ideas I can put on my wish list?


Camille Griffiths said...

Hah, I never got a push present for either of our kids! I will tell my husband that I expect 3 next time around. :D I love your list, I love anything birthstone related. I really want a charm bracelet with all of our kids' birthstones in it.

la petite lulu said...

We didn't do the 'push present' either - always we'd always agreed that the birth of our first child would be the time to get my eternity ring! It took another 18 months after he was born for that to happen though :)

I loooove PA pjs too! My sister bought me some when we were back in Aus to wear in hospital after the new baby is born. LOVE them!