Thursday, December 19, 2013

The PERFECT home.

I've mentioned before that out unit is on the market, so we're looking for a bigger home!
We are being so picky about what our new home has to be like and it's feeling like it's taking forever to find! Hello new house, where are you?!
But I don't want to be getting up and moving again in a few years. I want to buy a house that's going to last us about 7ish years, and then we want to build.

It needs to have at least a carport, if not a garage.
Three bedrooms plus some sorta fourth room, like a study or a sunroom.
Close to bus stops.
A nice kitchen.
A big kitchen.
Separate dinning room.

Separate bathroom/toilet/laundry.
Two toilets would be good.
A bath.
A decent backyard.
Not too much work to be done.
Easy maintenance backyard.
In a good suburb. 
A house with some character, and a touch of cottage.
No more then a couple of steps to the front door.

Flat land.
An outdoor entertaining area would be nice.
A garden shed.
Big bedrooms.
..... all within our budget.. ugh! 

We've found a few houses that come close, which would be okay if we were just renting. But buying we're locked in, we can't just pack up and move away.
Are we being too picky?
I would really hope that our unit doesn't sell and we still haven't found our perfect house. Thank goodness in a way that it's taking a while to get the ball rolling on selling our unit!

I am so sick of living in a tiny squishy unit, I feel like we've got three people living out of a shoe box. I'm really hoping someone looks at ours and finds that it's there perfect home.
We are living on top of each other and whenever we clean up and tidy, it's only moving stuff from one room to the next. And I'm sooo looking forward to having a separate laundry! Trying to keep your bathroom/laundry/toilet tidy all in one, ESPECIALLY when you use cloth nappies is tough work (thank goodness the warmer weather is here!)
There's only so many space saving ideas you can use, and so much mess a toddler can make where there is really no room left! I've already had to turn the dinning area into a play room. Boy am I looking forward to having that family area back. Especially since Jydan doesn't get to 'eat at the table'.  It would be nice to live like a normal family!!

For now, I guess I'll keep dreaming until we find the perfect house!!


Camille Griffiths said...

I hope you find a great new place soon!! I know how you feel, we have a place that is way too tiny for a family of 4 (with 2 dogs).

Camille Griffiths said...

PS You have been tagged, go here if you want to accept. :)

Camille Griffiths said...

PS You have been tagged! Go here if you want to accept. :)

Camille Griffiths said...

Sorry if I commented more than once, the page wasn't loading so I'm not sure if they went through!