Wednesday, December 4, 2013

We love...

Mummy Loves...
- That it's Christmas Season!
- and the Christmas shopping is almost done.
- That we will be out of this super tiny unit soon.
- That Jydan is sleeping better.
- That it's getting warmer.
- That so many exciting things are happening at the moment.
- That next year is looking amazing!
- That we found a childcare centre for Jydan that we love.
- Getting creative.
- Not having a working phone at the moment (it's kinda refreshing!)
- Finding allergy free recipes for our household.

Daddy Loves...
- Looking at new houses we can buy.
- That the house has been more tidy. (haha!)
- That Jydan is almost walking.
- That it's almost Christmas.
- That he has a laptop now.
- Fixing up the odd jobs around the house that need doing.
-Making self saucing pudding for his wifey (okay, I just added this :P)
-Playing battlefield 3 on the PS3
Baby Boy Loves...
- Splashing in the bath.
- Mummy cuddles at the moment, and clinging to mummy like a Koala.
- Grapes.
- Playing with cars and saying 'bruuumm' while he moves them around.
- Reading books, especially to himself.
- Playing outside in the sun.
- Millie our dog. He absolutely adores her.
- When Daddy comes home from work.
-Hammering everything with his plastic hammer.

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