Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Jydan - 14 Months.

Age: 14 Months
Weight: 9 Kilos (19.8 pounds)
Height: 75 cm
-Still learning to walk
-Body parts
(points to his head when you ask where his nose is and sticks his tongue out and says tongue when you ask about his tongue)
-New words.

-Putting two words together and sometimes three.
-How to sleep all night.

- Counting 1,2,3 (one oo weee)
-Trying to walk everywhere.

-Finished breastfeeding.
-Sleeping all night.
-Eating three meals.
Teeth: 10 (I think)

Jydan has cut 4 teeth this month! So crazy! And he has delt with them so well, didn't even know he had cut number 9. He sleeps so much better when he's teething. We've only had to do panadol for one tooth out of nine, that's really good. Except he wont let us count his teeth, so I'm guessing!
Favourite Word/Sentences:
(You will get all three when you walk through our door or walk past him)

-Mine (everything is 'mine')
-Breee (Not exactly sure what this is, we think it's Millie?)
Favourite Book: 
Jydan is loving any book at the moment.
Favourite Toy: .... the vacuum cleaner.
Favourite Food: Still Grapes. And corn cobs.
Best Memory Of This Month: 
Christmas!! Was such a fun day.
Child Health Nurse Appointment:

Jydan put on 700grams, in about 1 & 1/2 months! He is still little but we are super pleased with his weight gain!! Go my little man, I feel better about giving up the booby feeds now Ive seen his weight improve so well. 
Jydan is doing all the right things for his age.
Doctors Appointment: No need this month.

Paediatrician Appointment: (They missed up, next app is for March)
Dietitian Appointment: 

Jydan saw his dietitian last week and they were also impressed about his weight gain, but understand that Jydan does this cycle and will see him again in three months time. We got so tips on how to help Jydan have his milk, which has really helped too.. he's loving his formula now, he hated it to start with.
Speech Therapy Appointment: (next month)

Occupational Therapy Appointment: (hopefully soon)

Home Physio:
I mentioned last month about Jydans sitting and also wrote a post about W sitting.We are working on it everyday and since we have Jydan has started walking! He is also starting to respond when we say 'legs out'

Jydan has been eating soo well now, he is finally eating three meals, well, for the most part! He's eating better, drinking better, sleeping better, gaining weight.. everything is working out really well! This month has been pretty cruisy actually, Jydan is at such a perfect age! I'm really enjoying this age.

Jydan is such a little explorer! Explorer with getting into everything, working everything out - like how to build and pull apart blocks, and working out his emotions. He loves frowning at the moment - it's hilarious! I laugh every time!! But he is literally getting into everything! Pulling everything off the coffee table and bookshelf and draws, and throwing everything off the highchair! Tipping everything out of his sippy cup throwing everything around! No wonder he is sleeping better, haha! He is also trying to walk every where now. He took a few continues steps a couple of weeks ago and now he is walking back and forth to things.. he is still very much a crawler, and uses crawling to be faster but he LOVES walking. I always know he is walking to something because he giggles his little head off!

Jydan amazes me all the time with his speech. I mention it all the time, I know! But he talks soo much it spins me out and makes me SO proud. He says things like 'How are you?' and 'Here go'... 'Hang on' 'I love you' and sooo much more!! Ive completely lost count on how many words he says, I don't know how he learns half of them!!

Happy 14 months to my beautiful intelligent gorgeous little man who I'm utterly in love with xxxxxxxxx

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