Thursday, January 30, 2014

Jydan's Toddler Room (Ideas)

As I've wrote a million times now, our little unit is up for sale and were looking for a family home to buy!
I've decided that while we're waiting and waiting for our place to sell I could brainstorming ideas for our new perfect home!

For Jydan's room I wanted to do up a room that will  last him from being a toddler - all through primary school (in Australia, that's till about age 12). I was so stuck for ideas until I came up with an idea to do a MUSIC ROOM! I think that would work absolutely perfectly, and grow with him!

I'm thinking a classical modern black & white look, and here's some gorgeous ideas that I adore.. what do you think?

Can't wait to do it up!!

1 comment:

Camille Griffiths said...

This is such a neat idea, love it!! I hope you do it and post pics of the finished product. :)