Friday, January 31, 2014

Toddler Winter Must Haves!

I'm preparing for winter already, what a horrible thought! I live in the the coldest state of Australia, and it gets FREEZING! It's only just started heating up and I'm shopping for winter! But here are some winter things I'm buying & in love with!

Baby Ugg's!

Jydan had a pair of these when he was younger and I'm so buying his size this winter. They feel SO warm!

Pram Hood!

We have a pram hood already but I wanted to put it on this list. Such a must have!!

Leggings! & Leg Warmers!

An extra layer under Jydan's pants warms him up nice and toasty!

Fingerless Gloves.

By this ages the little bundles want to do EVERYTHING with their hands and touch and explore everything. Finger less gloves still give them some warmth with letting their fingers free!

I'm so excited for gumboots!! How much fun are we going to have in gumboots!!

Winter Tracksuits.

There's nothing more comfortable for winter!


We were pretty lucky last winter, but this winter we're going to be out & about a bit more. So I'm catering for colds & flu's.. ekk! This mist humidifier is super cute too!

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Camille Griffiths said...

I need some baby Uggs for B, so adorable!!