Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Trash The Dress. (Wedding photos re-take)

I've never been truly happy with our wedding photos. It makes me really sad looking at them. Realizing how much money and time we put into our wedding to make it perfect and the photos make it look tacky!
 You can't see how elegant and beautiful we tried to make everything.. There was also ALOT that went wrong on the day. It was already in the back of my mind that 'something' may go wrong, but even making sure that I knew that.. the day just didn't run as smoothly as I had planned. It was a beautiful day. But not what we had planned and we don't have gorgeous photos to make look worth it.

 We spent over $20,000 on our wedding, and our photos make it look like it was a cheap shot gun wedding.
Which there's NOTHING wrong with doing a cheap wedding at all! ... but it's not what we wanted.

We did get some stunning photos, but not alot, and not what we asked.

So.. were doing a Trash the dress shoot!!
Just me & Tim!
No rude bridesmaid, no cake disaster, no amateur photographer, no music disaster, no MC disaster, no rude reception staff, no one asking us a million questions,
The photographer, cupcakes (oh how were going to have so much fun with cupcakes!!) a bouquet, and a waterfall. And our vows!

I'm so excited!
Were putting on our wedding attire, getting my hair, nails and makeup done, having an amazing photographer, having cupcakes, I've got a bouquet and taking photos under a waterfall!
My dress fits me so much better then my wedding day, so I'm completely over the moon about that too!!
Were renewing our vows as well..I've picked a beautiful spot right near the waterfall!  It's like were doing our wedding all over again!!
My flowers!! 
Stay tuned to see some amazing photos from my amazing photographer! Check out http://www.tksphotography.com.au/ & http://www.tksweddingphotography.com.au/ LOVE her work!!


johanna buijsen said...

Hope You be Happy With These ones ,i thought your fhoto's of your wedding where absolutely georgeous, but it is your feeling and if it feels not right for you, you should go ahead do this, looking forward to seeing your new wedding photo's on here.xxx

johanna buijsen said...

Hope they turn out now the way you originale wanted.