Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Journey To The Toilet - 14 Months.

We started our journey to the toilet fairly early, Jydan was only 7 months, you can read about it here: 
7 Month Journey To The Toilet post.  But here's a bit of background:
We wanted to do Elimination Communication and started introducing the potty when Jydan was 7 months. We would try and catch his poops as he had a poop routine, so we could predict when it was coming. But by 8 months Jydan was put on Iron (you can read our 8 Month Toilet post here ). The iron gave him bad, bad diarrhea, so we put ECing aside, and then life got busy! Jydan is now almost 15 months now and we've started introducing the potty again. A little bit of a mix of Toilet Training and ECing. While we aren't 'nappy free' and looking out for weeing and pooping sign like you do while you're ECing, I'm not 'training' him as such, I'm making it a fun 'activity' for us to do! And Jydan is loving it! 
I follow ... So worth taking a look at! Such an informative site to help with early toilet training. When I signed up she even personally called me! How good is the service?! I highly recommend taking a look at their site! 
I'm not putting a time limit on Jydan's toilet training, even though I've introduced the potty early, it doesn't mean I'm expecting him to pick it up early. 

Our Progress:

We've just started re introducing the potty and it didn't take Jydan long to learn how to sit himself on it himself. Jydan also did his first wee in the potty!! 
Woohoo *clap clap* 
Although, he had no idea he had done it, and neither had I 
(He was sitting on the potty watching music while I was doing the dishes). 
But I showed him what wee in the potty looks like which was a bit of a step :). 
Jydan is loving sitting on it. I put him on it between nappy changes to help to introduce using it. Sometimes he wants to go on it for a minute, sometimes 10. If he's not in the mood, we leave it be. I can try next nappy change (around every 2 hours).
Will update more next month!

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