Saturday, February 22, 2014

Journey To The Toilet - 15 Months.

We started our journey to the toilet fairly early, Jydan was only 7 months, but that was more an introduction. We wanted to start introducing the potty early. My motto was 'It's easier to make a habit then break a habit'.

But by 8 months Jydan was put on Iron. The iron gave him bad, bad diarrhea, so we put it aside, and then life got busy!
We reintroduced the potty again at 14 months, you can read our Journey To The Toilet - 14 Months post HERE. And it worked really well!!
I follow ... So worth taking a look at! Such an informative site to help with early toilet training. When I signed up she even personally called me! How good is the service?! I highly recommend taking a look at their site! 
I'm not putting a time limit on Jydan's toilet training, even though I've introduced the potty early, it doesn't mean I'm expecting him to pick it up early. 

Our Progress:

Jydan is doing SO well on the potty! I am so shocked, surprised and amazed and our little man. He is doing something on it at least once a day, sometimes three! We are still putting him on between nappy changes every 2 hours. And when we do put him on and sing 'wee wee in the potty, wee wee in the potty' it takes about 5 minutes for us to get a wee, if that! It doesn't take him long at all to recognize that it's time to do a wee.
There's been times where he has grabbed the potty himself and taken it to me for me to take his pants off and put him on! He has tried to take his nappy off and get on too. I think it's amazing how much he has picked up so far, remember, we've only been toilet training for about three weeks, and were not even 'training, training' him to the full extent.
We did have a few days off as he had bad excruciating eczema that was bright red and bleeding so I wanted cuddles and baths and sleep and making my little man feel comfortable to be our focus rather then the potty. But even when we got back into it, he hadn't forgotten a thing!
I think within the next month we will up his potty time even more and try him more often through the day. He is happy to sit on the potty and is understanding really well.

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