Thursday, February 13, 2014

Jydan - 15 Months.

Age: 15 Months
Weight: 9.6 Kilos
(21.1 pounds, we're finally over the 20 pound mark!)
Height: 75 cm
-Body parts
-New words and having conversations.
- Counting 1,2,3.
-To jump.
-To use the potty.
-Officially started walking just after 14 months.
-Knows where his belly, feet, legs and head is.
- Gone into size 3 shoes.
-Learnt to Hi-5.
-Can say his name.
-Taking formula really well.
-Understands instructions really well.
-Can identify yellow balls and say 'ello' & 'boo' (Yellow & blue)
-Counts one, oo, wee.
Teeth: 10 
Jydan has scored one extra tooth this month!!

Favourite Word/Sentences:
-Honey (what Tim & I call each other)
-Mum Mum.

-Mine (everything is 'mine')
-More (This word is starting to drive me insane! He says it allll day!)

Favourite Book: 
We are reading a 365 nursery rhyme book at the moment.
Favourite Toy:
.... the hair dryer & necklaces. Last month was the vacuum cleaner. Maybe I shouldn't buy toys?!
Favourite Food:
Cheese!!! But that's about all he's eating :/
Best Memory Of This Month: 
Jydan starting to walk :). So precious!!

Child Health Nurse Appointment:
It went really well this month, Jydan is gaining weight brilliantly and doing so well. His head had grown too.
Doctors Appointment: No need this month.
Paediatrician Appointment: (They missed up, next app is for March)
Dietitian Appointment: 

(app in two months).
Speech Therapy Appointment: I think they've forgotten about us?!

Occupational Therapy Appointment: Same as above.

Home Physio:
When I say 'legs out' to Jydan he most of the time moves them properly to a good sitting position now. :)

Jydan has THE best personality. He is such a giggle pot. He laughs and laughs. At anything really.
 My photographer posted a blog from Jydan's first birthday watermelon smash and I think it totally shows how much personality he has!
Check it out HERE
Jydan has grown really really well now, he has finally grown out of his 00 (3-6 month) shorts and fitting into 0's (6-12 months) really well!  I'm so happy for him! I think it's all to do with him being on formula now, he drinks between 400-500mls a day, sometimes more. The formula has also helped with his sleeping.. win win win!
His eating is still not the best.. but he is having afternoon tea now. So that's a little bit of improvement.
A typical days diet for Jydan is:
About 1/2 a slice of toast for breakfast, some fruit, some cubes of cheese and some ham for lunch (today he had a handful of penna pasta), and for afternoon tea he might have a couple of biscuits, or mini rice cakes or a handful of grapes - depending on what he has had in his diet during the day. For dinner it's meat and veggies, his favourite veggies is carrot and corn cobs. He doesn't have heaps. Sometimes not much at all. He might have 4-5 little pieces of meat and half a corn cob.
So he isn't a big eater at all! But there's a little bit of improvement.
He is learning so many things, working out so many things and using his imagination really well.
We've introduced the potty this month too, which you can read about HERE. I'm pretty excited about starting the toilet training journey! Can't wait to share each month how it's going too.

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