Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Teaching Colours To A One Year Old.

My son amazes me all the time with the things he knows and does, and he has just started learning about colours! He knows what plastic balls are the yellow ones and says 'ello' he also says 'boo' for blue, so were now working on blue! As well as using blocks, pens and other things to help him recognize yellow. I think I will introduce a new colour to teach him every couple of weeks or so. Focusing on one at a time. I was looking up ways to teach a one year old colours and thought I would share these tips with my readers!

What We Do:

-Use plastic coloured balls + blocks to play with. Pointing out the colours we play with.
-Pointing out colours in books.
-Using the colour as a describing word 'There's A Yellow Duck'.
-Painting with different colours.
Tips We've Found:
-Start with the basic colours : Red, Green, Blue & Yellow.
-Show them colours exist on lots of different things.
-Make it really fun!
-Make piles of specific colours.
-Following your child's lead, teach the colour your child is drawn to.
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