Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Avoiding A Posterior Positioned Baby.

This is a mummy blog, with mummy inspired tips and ideas and today I bring you tips on trying to ensure that your belly baby isn't in the posterior position.

My son was posterior. I had no idea that it would make labor worse, delayed and possibly end up as a cesarean. . The only comments I got from the nurse was 'fetus in 6 position' and yeah, I really new what ' 6 position' was and all! Even when they couldn't find the head when they were inducing me and did an ultrasound and told me that he was back to back.. I was like 'phew, he isn't breech!' Little did I know that I wasn't out of the woods! I only wish they gave me some tips on how to turn my son weeks before my 30 hour labor resulting in my sons head swelling an an emergency cesarean!

Around 4-10 percent of babies are born posterior (many more babies are posterior during labor but turn before birth) and a posterior baby has a slightly higher risk of having an assisted delivery or cesarean. 
This is because the lowest point of the babies head can't push through the cervix. In anterior position, the smallest point of the head is facing and pushing out of the pelvis.

Baby in posterior position can mean;
- A longer pregnancy, being over due, and may have to be induced.
- Waters breaking before labor actually begins.
- Start and stop labor pattern, not a continues labor.
- Back labour (skull pushing on spine)
- Longer labor for each stage.
-More likey to tear.
- Heads / shoulders are at higher risk of getting stuck.
- and like I mentioned, a higher chance of needing a cesarean, vacuum or forceps.

Babies go into the posterior position from either the shape or the position of your pelvis. Sitting in an arm chair ect that allows your pelvis to tilt backwards. This encourages the heaviest part of the baby to lay where the pelvis is tilted.... on your spine! (ouch!)

To help get your baby into an anterior position, if it's not because of the shape of your pelvis;
-Upright activities.
-Watching TV on a fitball.
-When you're sitting, check that your knees are always lower then your hips.
-Scrub the floor! Or crawl around on all fours.
-Sit on a cushion in the car to lift up your bum, and tilt your pelvis back!

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