Sunday, March 16, 2014

Eczema & Hazelwood.

I have been struggling with my son's eczema for a year now. Sometimes it's excruciating for him, other times it's mild. But It's always there. Usually our routine is putting a steroid or charcoal cream on his eczema three times a day. When it's really bad, our list of things we put on him and bathe him in is endless! He is on a special diet to try and stop his eczema from flaring up. No wheat, grains or berries. He can't have dairy & egg due to allergies anyway. Food is pretty boring for this little guy (it's amazing what's out there though!).

I was at my WITS end! We had tried everything! Every product available! From the chemist, supermarket.. you name it, we've tried it!
I was looking into laser for his eczema, which seems really effective and great! But only wanted to do that as a last resort..
So I thought why not give a hazelwood necklace a go? After paying for it & postage it was about $30AUS but I figured I spend more then that a fortnight on eczema products anyway, so why not? If it doesn't work on him, it's super cute!
When Jydan was very first diagnosed with eczema someone suggested the hazelwood to me... I thought 'oh yeah.. right. As if that would work!' .. and never looked into it again. But I had tried EVERY.THING!

The necklace arrived a few days after I ordered it & I thought it was way adorable. I got to choose what style I wanted ect & it was exactly what I had chosen. The research I had done said it takes about two weeks of wearing for their to be any noticeable difference.
The first few days we still had to use all his creams. He only had mild eczema but it was on his belly and legs, we still mainly kept wheat out of his diet, except half a slice of toast in the mornings. I wasn't overly strict about him wearing the necklace 24/7. Somedays I forgot to put it on him, others he kicked it off at night (we wrap it around his ankle at night).

First day wearing the necklace, some eczema on his belly, back and legs, very dry skin, but clothes are covering.
Fifth day of wearing the necklace, mild spots on face, skin alot healthier though. Sporting a purple ribbon for crainio awareness.
All of a sudden, after about a week he didn't have ANY eczema! None! Without using creams. He ALWAYS has some, even if it's mild. He was completely clear and it had only been a week.
We stopped putting his creams on him and just moisturised him with sorbolene cream (even with the sorbolene cream, we've been able to be more slack with). He hasn't been itchy, he hasn't scratched, he hasn't been irritated, he is even sleeping through the day sooo much better!
I thought, well, why not introduce more wheat into his diet? It's not like he's intolerant to wheat, grains & berries.. it's just flares up his eczema. He has NO reactions with wheat anymore.. no matter how much he eats! Before, half a slice of toast was his limit, even that, was probably too much.. now his body can handle it all.

Less then two weeks... completely clear!!

Happy little man!

Yes it's still early days, so I'll continue to keep you updated on how it continues to go, but for my little man to be able to handle all sorts of wheat with no need to use any creams is pretty great!

So, a little bit about how the hazelwood works.
Hazelwood is classed as medical therapeutic jewelry, as well as Amber.
The ends of twigs from a particular plant, an alkaline, are harvested which alow the plant to completely grow back, it's also untreated, which makes hazelwood jewellery 100% natural.
One thing I was also unsure about it is getting it wet. However, because hazelwood is from an absorbing plant, getting it wet actually helps it absorb better. It's good to get it wet often! But not in chlorine.
Hazelwood draws excess acid from the skin and neutralises the body's acidity in the body and skin. Because my son had/has reflux also, I knew that having too much acid in his body would highly be possible.  Too much acid can stop the body absorbing other minerals, which is interesting since my son also has lacked in iron & vitamin D.
Hazelwood jewellery is known to work for approximately 6-12months , depending on how much acid is in the skin. You will be able to tell if the jewellery needs replacing as the ends that are cream, will turn brown. Eczema symptoms will also return (or reflux symptoms, or whatever else you choose to use the hazelwood for). Progressive jewellery should last longer and longer.

Hazelwood can be used for so many more things, and it will be our first point of call from now on.
We buy our hazelwood from ... take a look!!


Camille Griffiths said...

That's awesome, I hope it continues helping him!! I have had really great results with it for my eczema too. The only thing is after a while it stops working for me and I have to buy a new bracelet. I've heard that you can "recharge" them by leaving them out in the sun but I haven't had luck with that. Maybe it has to be outside, not through a window.

Camille Griffiths said...

Oh I missed your last paragraph the first time I read this, that explains it!