Saturday, March 1, 2014

Gender Reveal Party Ideas.

I'm in such a party plan mood so I've decided to start planning our gender reveal for whenever we do get pregnant! Okay, so no, where not even pregnant yet, let alone over the 12 week mark, but to fulfill some of my cluckiness and to come up with some ideas, why not?
I won't have a baby shower this time, instead I want a really cute gender reveal!
Including Tims friends & family and finishing off with a fun little afternoon family friendly party!
I'm not really good with hiding surprises, at all! So it would have to be not long after we found out... maybe 23 weeksish?
I've decided to have a TUTU'S OR TIE'S theme!!

My ideas:


Night Owl said...

I'd have to take a look at your pregnant pics of your baby bump and of the sonogram in order to guess. I'm usually good at it. when my cousin had boy of her boyfriends I could tell the 1st pic that she was having a boy.

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Camille Griffiths said...

Wow, these are such cute ideas!! Makes my baby fever worse, hahah.

Karen said...

Too cute! I'm glad I found you on the blog hop, am now tagging along and can't wait to read more. Hope you'll stop by to say hi sometime. :)