Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Journey To The Toilet - 16 Months

We started our journey to the toilet fairly early, Jydan was only 7 months, but that was more an introduction. We wanted to start introducing the potty early. My motto was 'It's easier to make a habit then break a habit'. 

But by 8 months Jydan was put on Iron. The iron gave him bad, bad diarrhea, so we put it aside, and then life got busy!
We reintroduced the potty again at 14 months, you can read our Journey To The Toilet - 14 Months post HERE. And it worked really well!! 
I follow ... So worth taking a look at! Such an informative site to help with early toilet training. When I signed up she even personally called me! How good is the service?! I highly recommend taking a look at their site! 
I'm not putting a time limit on Jydan's toilet training, even though I've introduced the potty early, it doesn't mean I'm expecting him to pick it up early. 

Our Progress:

Jydan has gone backwards in his toilet training, after last month he was doing so incredible well, but he is having a toilet training regression. I completely expected him to at some stage though, so I'm not surprised, it seems to be really really common with toilet training. Except I'm glad it's happening now, and not at two or three years old. Another reason to start early perhaps? 
Anyway, he is hardly doing wee's in the potty at the moment. Before, he was doing about two a day. So I've upped how often we put him on the potty. Instead of between nappy changes, Im putting him on about every hour. Hoping that makes a difference soon. I'm thinking of also doing a day with out a nappy on and putting him on the potty very often and seeing how he goes too.
We have noticed that he is starting to grab at his doodle  BEFORE he needs to go to the potty. So that's a really really good sign! And if he is about to do a poo, and we say 'do you need to go to the potty?' he goes 'yyyyyyeeeeeep' (if he doesn't, he generally does answer no).
So we might be dealing with a regression, but there is some positive steps being made too! Go my little man!!

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