Saturday, March 15, 2014

Jydan - 16 Months.


Age: 16 Months
Weight: 9.8 Kilos
Height: 76 cm
-What different objects are.
-To go to the potty.
-When to go to the potty.
-Body parts
-New words and having conversations.
-To climb (but not a climber)
-To mouth objects.
-To use a spoon.
-To sleep with a blanket (slowly! preparing for winter!)
-Where his nose is
- Started bending his legs better with walking
-Follows one step instructions (get your ball, get your toothbrush, where's your shoes? ect)
-Learnt new words
-Knows where his belly, feet, legs and head is.
- Asks for the potty.
-Can identify yellow balls and say 'ello' & 'boo' (Yellow & blue)
-Counts one, oo, wee.
-Able to drink formula without formula.
-Gaining weight really well.
-Quarterly peads appointments instead of monthly.
Teeth: 11
Officially over half way!! We've cut almost all of the canines.. sigh! Phew!

Favourite Word/Sentences:
-More..more... moooorrre.. MOOOOORRRREEE

-Vahee (Vacuum)
Favourite Book: 
We are still reading a 365 nursery rhyme book at the moment. (gonna take a while to get through)
Favourite Toy:
He is sooo obsessed with the damn vaccuum cleaner!! He won't go to sleep at all if it's out.
Favourite Food: 
Cheese & grapes! He could live of cheese & grapes!! Actually, he pretty much does!
Best Memory Of This Month: 
Instead of regular peads appointments, because of Jydans weight gain he only has to have an appointment every four months!!
Mia's first birthday party (Jydan's little friend).
Not so much a memory - but we started using the hazlewood necklace to control his eczema and it's working soo well!

Child Health Nurse Appointment:
No need to go this month.. first month in his life we haven't gone monthly!

Doctors Appointment: No need this month.Paediatrician Appointment: Went soo well! Jydan is growing so well that well that we only need to go to appointments every four months. His head is doing fine too :). Eczema is under control (for now!)
Dietitian Appointment: 

(app in a month).
Speech Therapy Appointment: Still requires regular appointments to help with textures of food and eating. Still not eating well and doesn't eat anything slimey or mushy. Suspected silent reflux, spoke to peads about putting him back on reflux medicine but didnt agree. Working on sensory issues.

Occupational Therapy Appointment: Refered us to a physio due to Jydan's walking. Walks on the sides of his feet.

Home Physio: Continuing to help Jydan sit correctly.

My little man is growing up so, so quickly! Blink of an eye and here he is, 16 months already! 1 & 1/2 is just around the corner and I don't think I'm ready for it. He is an amazing little man, pretty perfect actually. All the time he was such an awful sleeping, now he sleeps amazingly.. 12-14 hours at night and 2 naps through the day. One, one hour, and one two hour nap. He wakes and just wants to snuggle for about 20-30minutes. I love our snuggle time.  His routine at the moment is:
8am - wake up, snuggle in my bed.
nappy change
8.15am - 50ml of formula.
8.30am - breakfast.. mainly a slice of toast.
9.00am nappy change & get dressed & brush teeth.
10:30am change nappy, 180ml formula, nap
11:30am wake up snuggles.
12:00pm change nappy
12:30pm lunch & water
1:00pm play
2:30pm change nappy, 180ml formula, nap
4/4:30pm wake up snuggles.
5:00pm change nappy, play & start dinner.
5:45pm dinner & water
6:30pm bath & brush teeth
6:50pm get out, jammies on, 180mls formula.
7:00pm story & bed.

He is going through a 'personal' stage at the moment. Learning what belongs to who. If anything of mine is laying around he will give them to me, and the same with Tim's stuff with Tim, and anyone elses. Millie's toys belong with Millie and no one else can play with them (except Jydan of course!). It's adorable! But I hope it doesn't turn into him not being able to share things..
Jydan is still eating 1-2 meals a day, he just isn't interested in eating more.. although we keep offering. He just sits there and looks away. He is gaining weight really well now though so I'm not as stressed as I was before about it.
Can't wait to update you more next month!

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