Thursday, March 20, 2014

Shout Out!

Shouting out to my favourite posts this week...

Introducing Austin by la petite lulu - CONGRATULATIONS Luana! Check out how simply gorgeous baby Austin is.

Kids + Public = Embarrassment! by Domain of the Mad Mommy - Oh gosh I loved this post!! Gosh we all love our darling children.. and wouldn't it be nice to live as free as a bird, just like them ;)

Tot School: All Things Green by Spit and Sparkles -I'm in the midst of teaching my tot colours, so I really loved this post!! Going to try this!

The Importance of Watermarking Photos by Spits and Sparkles - Another post I adored this week by Spits and Sparkles... Must read!!!

Five things that might make your toddler forget about the TV by I was promised more naps... - I really don't like the TV, I'm one of 'those' mum's .. So I loved this post & the tips!!

Nine Ways to Clothe Your Growing Bump Without Going Broke by I was promised more naps... - Another one by I was promised more naps. I found dressing my bump so hard and expensive... A whole new wordrobe for just a few months. Love these tips.

Mommy guilt is real and HAS to stop by Smile and Write - This was probably my favourite.. lots of nodding and 'uh huh' in this post!! Must read by all mums!

Thanks for all the great reads xx

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Bethany said...

Thanks so much for featuring me! :) Heading off to check out some of these other blogs!