Thursday, March 27, 2014

The ONE nap debate.

I'm so not ready for this, mentally, emotionally or physically.
 Jydan on the other hand, he has been hinting about it since around 13 months. I ignored him.. yep bad mumma ignoring my son ;)... Here I am, 3 months later, still pushing him to have two naps a day.
 I should be lucky right, he still naps at least once?
 Today he has napped for 20 minutes... because he doesn't want his morning nap, he only napped for 20 mins, and because he had 20 minutes this morning, he won't sleep in the afternoon. Catch 22 peoples, CATCH 22!!
 I had time to pick what I was going to wear today in peace. That took me twenty minutes. I remained makupless and didn't even do my hair. Try straightening your hair with a toddler obsessed with cords and the bathroom... :O.
See, this is my ONLY break in the day, my only online time and my only time to connect with people that actually talk/type!. I'm not ready to give that up. I'm not ready to even think I may be ready. I'm not ready for him to give up his naps, full stop!
Apparently HE is. What would he know right? He's only 16 months.. Mummy knows what's best for you baby boy.. you need to have two sleeps, of at least an hour and a half. And if not, you need to at least pretend, right?
Why do children have their magical natural instincts?!  Why?!?
Breath, breath, brrrreath...

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Camille Griffiths said...

Brynna started napping a lot better when I cut it down to 1 nap. Now she sleeps for 2 hours with no wake ups. Maybe Jydan will be the same way?